Some of you might already know, and some of you not, but the year 2016, according to Chinese calendar and horoscope is a year of the monkey. Monkeys, like different countries, can be intrusive, threatening, or thieves, but it can also be nice, funny and smart. So why not use this as a sort of inspiration while choosing where to travel this year?


Only in one of Indonesian island – the Borneo island, you can meet one of the most beautiful and amazing monkeys – the orangutans. Although they live all around this island, usually it is easier to check them in the Handgun Puting National Park.

Moreover, since orangutans are pretty slow animals, and they don’t usually just run away wildly, you might even get a chance to communicate with them a bit too. You can also watch these wild monkeys in nature, as well in special feeding places. It is also worth mentioning that some of them have been freed from the people in childhood, so a few monkeys actually feel pretty cozy around human and don’t mind being touch either.



Near the Semien Mountains in northern Ethiopia, north east of Gondar, you can also meet another unique monkey family. Here lives unique type of baboon – Gelad. Their chest looks like opened bleeding hearts, and you can only see these animals in this region.

It is also worth traveling to Ethiopia because of interesting local Christian history, unique churches carved out of the rocks, and the exotic southern Omo Valley tribes who still have a distinctive understanding of beauty and living traditions.



Although lemurs are not real monkeys, they still belong to the primates, and we can still talk about them today.

Both large and small, active during day or night, jumping and lazy – in Madagascar we can find more than 101 different species, and scientists are still finding new species of lemurs. In addition to these charming animals, Madagascar is famous for its eight baboon families (up to 6 of them are found only on the island) and beautiful green landscapes worth visiting too.



In a country where millions of gods are thousands of temples exist, we can found a sanctuary, known as the Monkey Temple, or Galtaji. This complex, located among the mountains, with holy water sources and the huge pool is the home to thousands of macaques. And in here you can safely feed them and track the dynamic life of the community.

Since monkeys are used to see tons of tourists every day, they get pretty brave sometimes. So don’t be surprised if suddenly you will be surrounded by a few of them. They come up to you for some food and some shiny objects, so while visiting this temple, try to wear less of your jewelry and get something nice for them to eat.findingthefreedomcom-56bb259454c35


If you have seen the orangutans, you have to see two other species closely related to humans – the gorillas and the chimpanzees. And one of the best places to visit them is in Uganda – small African country.

However, if absorbing nature is not enough for you – you can attend a “traditional” African safari. During it, you can also check out how real lions, elephants, hippos, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, and crocodiles are living in their natural surroundings. And that is always exciting and enjoyable to look at. Am I right?

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