I am sitting in Paris Orly Airport and going to be boarding my plane in about 20 minutes. I am off on a way ticket to Istanbul, Turkey. As usual I have procrastinated on research of what to do when I arrive so I will just be taking this one as it comes. This seems to be a pattern that I following.

I wanted to give a quick up date from last night and a shout out to my friendly Indian friend that I shared a ride with back in Spain. He lives in Paris and I have been meaning to catch up with him and finally found the time to meet for dinner last night. He recommended a fantastic spot and was able to get us 50% off which it always a help to the long term traveller! I am not one to write about food but this place was just fantastic. I has some kind of cold prawn mush that was unbelievable, almond and bacon crusted duck, and some fancy deserts. All the while washing it down with some nice Bordeaux. Myself, step sister, and friend enjoyed some good conversation as we indulged. We left around midnight and said our goodbyes. I am hoping to see them both again real soon and since this is such a small world that could easily be arranged! I must wrap this up for fear my flight is going to leave with out me and then I will have to stay in Paris eating amazing food with good people.. hmm maybe I should just sneak out of here and back to the city! In the meantime for those who can appreciate a fine plate of food enjoy the pics. IMG_1236IMG_1238IMG_1237