I have been living like a local in Albania for over a week now. Today was all about getting things done; a trip to the Albanian dentist and a $3 haircut later, I feel like a new man. The dentist may have been wearing jeans and smoking cigarettes, and the barber may not have spoke any English and took my fade up a little too tight, but an overall positive experience none the less.

If you have been keeping up with my latest posts, you would know that I have been living in Albania, in a city called Saranda for just over a week. I am here with my buddy Rob who writes at Stop Having A Boring Life aka SHABL in a stunning sea view apartment we found on airbnb for around $16 each a night each. We’re on the 4th floor and use the stairs; the elevator has proven to be unreliable and terrifying at times. Our balcony overlooks the Ionian Sea and it doesn’t get any sweeter then this. Since being here we have done quite a bit. We rented a Suzuki Sidekick for the day and hit the back roads of Albania. We checked the UNESCO site of Butrint as well as the Blue Eye national park. Also a lot of just chilling.

Saranda Albania

Ok, let’s talk dentist. We both visited the dentist today and agreed he may have been a bit rough. Oh yes, and I must also mention I haven’t been to a dentist in a very long time; perhaps a decade. I have never been a fan of people sticking their fingers all up in my mouth. The price was a bargain at $15, and life is about overcoming fears, so I figured what better place to conquer my fear of the dentist then in Southern Albania, and that I did. I now see the benefits of maintaining proper oral hygiene at rock bottom prices.

Let’s remember you always get what you pay for. Our dentist was wearing old blue jeans and Nike running shoes. He stopped halfway through my cleaning to text and didn’t wear a mask. His shop seemed clean enough and he washed his hands so I shouldn’t really complain. We spoke about the differences in price for oral care between Canada and Albania. He noticed I had my wisdom teeth removed and asked what I paid. I explained it was usually covered by some form of insurance but the cost would probably be over $2000. With a look of shock on his face he said I could get all 4 removed here for 50 Euro, a single non-wisdom tooth was 8 euro to pull. The whole ordeal lasted less than 30 minutes and I am proud to say you are reading the writing of a man with no cavities.

After I was done with my cleaning Rob hopped in the chair and I was off to get an Albanian hair cut. I will begin with my rating of the finished hair cut. I’m giving it a solid 4 out of 10. Not from lack of effort on behalf of the barber, but more so the lack of Albanian spoken on behalf of myself. He was a nice man and I could tell he meant well. Also it was on only $3, that is the going rate for a haircut in Albania I’ve learned. It’s just hair, it will grow back.

After such a day it leaves a man feeling refreshed. Rejuvenated in a sense. Long term travel can wear you down when you’re moving fast. This last week has been a nice break, and although I am beyond comfortable, my energy level is back up and tomorrow morning it’s time get moving again.



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  1. Chris

    Only $15 for the dentist? It would probably be cheaper for me to buy a flight over to Albania and get a check up done there rather than visit my dentist haha. Sounds like he got the job done too!
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    • Alex

      Funny the dentist mentioned the same idea with regards to the wisdom teeth haha.. said you could get a 1 week vacay plus the operation for less

    • NikkyNicole

      Yup, true! I saw something on TV a couple of days ago, about dental tourism that’s blooming in Albania lately. There was this company that would even provide free accomodation for their patients. So, for just $15 I’d definitely buy a ticket to Albania! Judging from the blog, Saranda looks like a great destination for this summer! Tirana also has this great metropolitan-capital vibe going on. 🙂

      • Alex

        I love Saranda! Great destination for sure! Make sure to visit the dentist when you are there haha

    • Alex

      Luckily I had no cavities haha. But yes Albanian dentistry is a bargain! Thanks for checking it out

  2. Anca | Globaloud

    I’m Croatian, and even though the dentist prices here are not nearly as high as in the US or Canada I think it is still cheaper for someone who doesn’t have an insurance to drive all the way to Albania, spend a weekend there, have the tooth removed and drive back home for the same price.
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