Yesterday was all about Sunday afternoon beers, wings, good times, not having enough money to pay the bill and contemplating an India dine and dash, and of course using Uber abroad for the first time.

It was one of those random days you have while travelling, that reignites the travel flame and allows you to keep the travel fire burning.

A day of getting out of the house and experiencing some of the randomness that I love so much. 

I had never used Uber before, neither at home nor while travelling. My friend who I have been staying with in an amazing airbnb introduced me to it and it’s my new favourite way to get around the city.

Of course you must be careful using Uber abroad, as bad things have happened. I’m not going to go into the details of these, but a quick Google search will show you what I am talking about.

It has been awhile since I have done a recap of a random day in the life of Finding The Freedom so what better time than now.

Let’s look at the going ons of yesterday, as well as some tips at the end of the story for using Uber abroad.

Using Uber Abroad for the First Time

It was a regular morning here in Bangalore. I woke up, had my breakfast prepared and served to me by the amazing cook where I stay, then headed off to the gym.

Have a read about how not to get fat while travelling.

After the gym when I got home, my friend I am staying with here in Bangalore suggested going out for some lunch and a pint of beer or two at a pub called Windmills in Whitefield.

Whitefield is an area of Bangalore where the wealthy live. It is home to all the major IT companies and a lot of good pubs and restaurants.

I have never been one to turn down a casual beer so we packed up our laptops and I had a look on the Uber app and requested a car.

When you ask for a car you are given the picture of the driver and his profile. You are also given a rating out of 5 stars on how well his service is. It is important to look at the rating and read what others have said about him. This is for your own safety when using Uber abroad.

Our Uber driver arrived in about 3 minutes and we hopped in his car and went off to Windmills pub in Whitefield.

Using Uber Abroad in India

The ride there was about 45 minutes long and came in at a price of $9. This is more than the real rate as Uber uses “surge pricing” when it is very busy. The ride home was $2.50. Not bad for 20 kilometers.

If you are planning on using Uber abroad, or at home for that matter, when you download the app enter the promo code “ALEXB3899” and we will both get free money!! Are you just sitting there with your phone next to you? Do it now! Everyone can use free money!

Sunday Afternoon Beers in Whitefield 

We arrived at the pub and got settled on the patio high up on the 6th floor.

I was craving a little taste of home so beers and wings were what I had in mind, followed by a chicken bacon burger. 

Using Uber Abroad in India

The plan was to have “a beer or two” and get a lot of work done. Yea right, I know.

One pint turned into two. Two pints into three, then three pints into.. well you get the idea. Bottom line we got a little tipsy yesterday afternoon.

The patio was a great spot just to chill out and have some beers. People came and left as we stayed and drank.

The food was great and the beers were not too bad either! We watched the sun go down and then came the realization that no work had gotten done and we were “slightly” buzzed.

Sort of like when we were getting tipsy in Tirana Albania.

We decided to leave before it turned into an all night ordeal, it is my birthday today and I didn’t want to be in rough shape after a random Sunday afternoon.

We got back on Uber and requested a driver. He would be there in 5 minutes. Using Uber abroad is very convenient after some drinks.

Realizing we have no Money

Then came the bill.

Even though we are in India, and prices are cheap compared to western standards, beers are still kind of pricey as is the food at higher end places such as Windmills.

We didn’t have enough cash to cover it.

Not sure what to do we ordered another round of beers to help us figure it out. We were already in over our heads at this point, so we figured what the hell, might as well drink and sink deeper.

Our Uber driver waited out front. 

Using Uber Abroad in India

We looked at the exit and thought about just leaving. We imagined making a run for it. Maybe the 6 men by the door wouldn’t notice us slip past.

Maybe we would get to the elevator and not have to press the button and wait, it would be open and we would rush in and fly to the bottom floor where our Uber driver would have the engine revving ready to race away.

Could this be one of the benefits of using Uber abroad? 

Unfortunately this was an unrealistic plan.

I’m 32, and I’m not about to be running away on a bill. Besides the fact the bill was only the equivalent of about $80 for both great food and many beers, it was just plain unethical. 

To keep this story from dragging on I shall share the outcome, I know the suspense must be killing you by now, sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear how we escaped. You have just downloaded the Uber app of course and used my promo code so that is keeping your anxiety about this story down just enough to get through this paragraph before I reveal the incredible story of how we made a daring getaway.

Are you ready for this? Ready to have your mind blown? Wait for it.. 

Ok here it is! My friend called his brother and had some money transferred to a card he had with him and we used that to pay!!

I know right, we are such bad-asses.

Back in an Uber cab to Koramangala

We paid the bill and it was back to using Uber abroad to get us home to Koramangala, the part of Bangalore where I stay.

As I said before the ride back was $2.50 for a 30-minute ride across the city. Incredible value.

We arrived back and the day was basically done. No work was accomplished but great times were had.

Using Uber Abroad in India

Bottom line is I am a now a huge fan of using Uber abroad and will continue to use it throughout my travels.

I now type this from my Bangalore home on my birthday before going out to meet friends for “a couple more beers”. I must run now. 

A few tips for using Uber abroad;

  1. Check the drivers profile and rating
  2. Ubergo is the cheapest of the 3 options, check that first
  3. If the driver calls and asks where you are going just say you will tell him when he arrives, sometimes if it is far they will cancel and leave you hanging
  4. If you get in the car and feel unsure just get the hell out, listen to your intuition
  5. Don’t believe all the bad press about it, they are stepping on a lot of toes with this service and that causes big names to get angry and put out stories in the media
  6. Using Uber abroad will save you time and money, so go wild with it and use my promo code to get your first ride free!

Have you used Uber abroad before? How about at home? Do you recommend it? Let’s hear!

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6 Responses

    • Alex

      Yes it was a bit anticlimactic haha.. but an honest tale! and bad things happen everywhere, if you look at how many rides per day are given and compare that incidences, I’m sure the probability would speak for itself! still must be careful though!

  1. Raitei

    Thanks for the promo code. It will be very useful for our first ride with Uber 🙂

  2. Astrid

    I’m traveling in Delhi right now and have been using Uber for a lot of my rides. I am using my US phone (thanks to T-Mobile, I have unlimited 3g when I travel abroad!), so one of the problems that I’ve found is that the drivers aren’t able to call me to confirm where I am since they would be calling a US number. So it’s really important to make sure you set the pick up location exactly where you are standing. Other than that, using Uber abroad has been great and relatively simple!

    • Alex

      Yes I have found that as well. Then they will charge you when they cant find you. The best idea is the get a local sim card, and a quick email to uber and they will change your number for you.