It was thirty five degrees and sunny out, but it looked as though I was trekking in the pouring rain. Moving fast in the hot sun up mountains when you have been generally inactive as of late certainly will cause one to perspire quite profusely. The inside lens of my sunglasses held a small swimming pool in each and when I looked to the sky this salt water pool would fill my eyes. This is all part of the fun when you make a spontaneous journey to an Olympos black sand beach.I woke up this morning after a most glorious ten-hour sleep. Sleeping on a thin mat on the wooden floor of a tree house is surprisingly comfortable and I get the most restful sleeps here. After my daily routine of laying there for a while followed by a shower and breakfast I asked around to see what everyone else was up to on this fine sunny day. Most were going to enjoy the beach and I was going to follow, when I over heard three other friends discussing a possible trek to a black sand beach just a few km from Olympos where we are staying. This sounded most intriguing to me and decided that living life with a little adventure may be better suited for a day like today then a simple lie on the beach. After researching the map and deciding the route we packed our bags and set off in search of what would turn out to be a deserted Olympos black sand beach of paradise.Olympos black sand beachWe were a team of three men and one woman. We hailed from the likes of Canada, USA, England, and Germany. We were from different spots of globe but shared the same destination today, the Olympos black sand beach. The first part of the walk took us down the dirt road and through the ruins. We swiftly pasted all the tourists taking pictures and were then on to the pebble beach. I felt out of place with my trekking boots and socks as we weaved our way through the sunbathers laid out on their towels enjoying a nice dose of melanoma. We walked further and further away from the crowds on the way to the Olympos black sand beach. Most people chose not to venture this far, and why would they? When your goal is to lay in the sun and relax the last thing on your mind is walking aka exercise.. The thought of which is surely and purely disgusting to most.

Olympos black sand beach Olympos black sand beachWe trekked along this beach of pebbles for about an hour before reaching the far end near the village of Cirali. We had reached the end of this pebble beach paradise and cut inland to find the trail. As we walked with the beach to our backs I had sudden thoughts and urges of abandoning the mission and giving in to the lure of the sunbathers and making a dash for the sea. The water looked so inviting and cool, it was cooking outside in the sun and water offered the guarantee of refreshment. But if I did this, what kind of man would I be? Certainly not the kind that treks though the hot sun to an Olympos black sand beach, there was only one choice and that was to press on.

Olympos black sand beachWe began our ascent up the steep rocky slope. I felt as though I was in a desert as I passed many kinds of cactus growing from the dry red dirt beneath my feet. The climb was steep and the sun was hot. As we advanced up the trail our four levels of fitness of our four person multicultural trekking group became very evident. I’d like to say I was in the top 50% of this but that would be a lie. We stopped to rest when needed but were all anxious to reach the Olympos black sand beach. After about two and half hours and 5km later we were at our destination. The Olympos back sand beach was real, it was gorgeous, and it was deserted. We had this place to ourselves. We wasted no time in jumping in the water and letting the cooling effect of the sea take place. I must have spent an hour just floating before my skin began to wrinkle and my stomach rumble and knew we had accomplished what we set our to do and it was time to return home for food.

Olympos black sand beachI went a bit further down the trail to change back into my dry shorts, as there is nothing worse then walking long distances in wet shorts. If you have done this I need not explain why. Chapped ass is the real deal and not something you need while traveling. I had removed my swimwear and was standing there nude as a newborn when an elderly couple suddenly rounded the corner. I didn’t notice at first, but they sure did. They got a full frontal shot of me and by the time a realized what they were seeing it was too late to hide. I just completed my task of getting dressed and pretending it didn’t happen. I kept my embarrassment to myself, although I felt like yelling back to them.. “I was in the pool!!”. Oh well they got a free show, lucky them I suppose.Olympos black sand beachI was the only one stupid enough not to bring food and was absolutely famished and decided to begin the long walk back. The others remained. I set off on my solo journey at a fast pace. The faster I moved the faster I would have food to feast on. I was moving up the mountain at almost jog. I felt my heart beat in my throat as it worked hard to circulate my thick Canadian blood. The sweating returned but I did not stop. I blew past the couple that had scene me naked with out even a glance. I was on a mission and live by the mentality of why take three hours to do something that can be done in two. I made the trek back in about two thirds of the time it took to get there and immediately ordered a meatball sandwich to be prepared while I shower. I am now relaxing and working. I have been back for about two hours at this point and the others have yet to return, I stand by my choice of an early exit.Olympos black sand beachOlympos black sand beach