I’m writing this from a rented apartment in Kypseli, Athens. I had never heard of the neighbourhood of Kypseli in Athens when I made the booking with Airbnb, and truth be told only chose it because it was the cheapest option. So far I am pleasantly surprised with Kypseli, Athens. The streets, although full of graffiti like the rest of Athens, are quiet and calm. The apartment is clean and the wifi works fantastically. What else could I ask for? Oh wait, how about 2 euro gyros…Kypseli Athens has those as well.

Kypseli, Athens is a neighbourhood that sits about 5km from Acropolis of Athens. This is the main tourist draw of the city and I hope to check it out one of these days. That said, if I miss I won’t be kicking myself. In Eastern Turkey and Iraq I had a lot of history thrown in my face, and although I am sure it is quite fascinating, the ever-growing pile of laundry I have takes precedent.

Laundry drying in Kypseli Athens

Getting to know Kypseli Athens

I have been told that Kypseli Athens was a hot spot in the 1960’s. If that is in fact the case, then we can safely say that it has peaked and is steadily going downhill. Not as bad as the last area of Istanbul I stayed in, but we are talking a far cry from Beverly Hills. I have grown to like the grungyness of areas like Kypseli, Athens, and feel much at home. I was told the area is very safe, and during a late night stroll through the streets of Kypseli Athens I felt no threat. Here is a pic of my last neighbourhood in Istanbul.


Keeping things business in Greece

My trip here to Greece is all business. Three days ago I was in Iraq, two days ago I was in Istabul, and yesterday I travelling from Istanbul to Athens. I think a rest day is in order, but alas, there is no rest for the wicked. I am here for a travel blog conference called TBEX. I had never heard of this before until I met with a friend in Valencia, Spain who told me I must attend. I have no clue what to expect, but I am sure to meet with many like-minded people so I am guaranteed to have a glorious time. This conference doesn’t start for a couple of days, but I have other pressing matters to attend to as well. This is mainly focused around the ever annoying and complex process of obtaining an Indian visa.

I need to get passport photos, print things off, and get to an embassy that is only open between 9 and 11am. This would not be an issue at home, but when you are in a far away city with no generally idea of where you are, then it proves a challenge. Top that off with the fact that everything is closed on Sunday in Kypseli, Athens. I mean everything. Except my Kypseli, Athens gyro shop where I have eaten my last 3 meals; dinner last night, and breakfast and lunch today.

Gyro in Kypseli Athens

The plan, as of now, is to set an alarm for early tomorrow morning and hit the streets before 8am. We will see how realistic that goal is when the alarm bell rings…