Hampi feels like you have traveled back in time.

This is how I felt even before exploring the 500-year-old temples and checking out undatable cave paintings. Everyday I found more things to do in Hampi, and on my last day I went on a really cool day tour and checked out some hidden gems most people don’t get to see.

I rolled in to Hampi on my Royal Enfield from Goa and settled right in.

The Lake in Hampi

The lake is were all the cool kids go so it was of course on my list of things to do in Hampi. Hippies, travelers, Indians, you name them, and they are there.

A couple of friends and I cruised there on the bikes; about a five-minute drive from Hampi.

things to do in hampi

First of all Hampi is full of the craziest boulders you have ever seen. Just driving into the village it’s self the scene is out of this world.

These boulders surround a lake, which I am pretty sure is where the water we shower with comes from.

Everyone seems to come here to hangout in the sun and jump off the boulders into the water. If someone told you to jump off a boulder would you? I did.

things to do in hampi lake

There are guys walking around selling beers, rum, food; anything you want they will get for you. It may just take some time as things move slowly sometimes in India.

The lake in Hampi was a great place to spend the day chilling in the sun and jumping in the water.

The Cave Paintings in Hampi

These are so obvious, but I would have never found the cave paintings in Hampi without the right leader.

I was lucky enough to go on a fantastic day tour with this man and his associates.

Say hello to Sunil everyone!

things to do in hampi cave paintings

These cave paintings are pretty unreal. They aren’t so much in a cave as they are on a rock; I guess I could call them rock paintings.

Nonetheless, they were worth the visit and you need Sunil to get you there; he is the master of all things to do in Hampi.

I am very curious to know how they were painted on, to be able to survive for so long without wearing off. If anyone knows please share in the comments below. I’m slightly skeptical.

The Hampi Monkey Temple

The Hampi monkey temple is the next logical stop after a day at the lake.

Everyone will migrate here to watch the sunset, as did we. The sunset is mostly covered in a haze.

things to do in hampi

The pollution does, however, give the sunset a beautiful golden-red hue. The view is what is really amazing and what secures the monkey temples place on the list of things to do in Hampi.

things to do in hampi monkey temple

The Vittala Temple

During my day tour I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Vittala temple. My 3 great guides had a fantastic list of things to do in Hampi and the Vittala temple was perhaps the highlight.

It was the early afternoon and the sun was just beating down. The Vittala temple is a bit of a walk but well worth it.

Walking into the temple, the condition of the place amazed me. There were loads of people cruising through, but the temple is mainly intact. It is 500 years old but the rocks still stand perfectly.

This is where you will find the Hampi Stone Chariot. This is the iconic photo shoot spot in Hampi, and a must do.

hampi stone chariot

Beyond the chariot are a vast amount of carved granite structures. They include a dance hall, prayer rooms, and the artwork is just incredible.

things to do in hampi rock carving

I love these stone carvings, new tattoo idea perhaps?

Discovering Hidden Rock Carvings

Scattered around Hampi are hidden rock carvings that just sit there unlooked at.

They are tucked away among the rocks along the river, and if I wasn’t shown exactly where they were, I would have not found them on my own.

things to do in hampi rock carving

This was part of the day tour. If it wasn’t for this group of guides, like the cave paintings, I would have missed them.

Getting to the rock carvings takes a bit of agility, I had to climb up, down, and around boulders that if I fell from I would have probably hurt myself.

As we walked back, we passed locals just doing their thing down by the holy river.

things to do in hampi

Summery of Things to do in Hampi

This list of things do in Hampi includes both free activates I did on my own, as well as bits I did as part of a sponsored tour.

The company I worked with was GoMowgli. As for the temples you could walk around these on your own but you wouldn’t get the story that goes with them as told by these guys. I am usually not one for guided tours, but I had a great time with them and could be changing my view! I wouldn’t recommend them if I truly didn’t believe they did a fantastic job.

You really need see Hampi to believe it; the pictures don’t do this place justice. Hampi almost reminded me Cappadocia in Turkey, but beats out the Turkish desert for sure.

I could have spent much more time here, but as usual I must move on.

I’m writing this list of things to do in Hampi from the same hotel I wrote about how crazy it was to drive in India at night while heading into town. This is, by far, my favourite hotel in India.

I am now on my way out-of-town and to the Western Ghats of India to continue on my Royal Enfield journey.

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Are you planning a trip to India? Want a free tour?

The great guys and gals at #gomowgli have just told me that anyone in Hampi until the end of February that uses my name will get a free day tour. I went on this tour and it was absolutely fantastic! #backpackindia

Hampi is a must do in India and these guys will help you make the best of it.They are off the beaten path experts.


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    Hampi was probably one of the coolest places I went In india! the monkey temple at sunset was awesome