I woke up bright and early this morning and decided to hit the streets. I like to get out and walk a new city early in the day before the heat, crowds, and traffic begin. This place is absolutely dead at 9am! It was hard to even find a bite to eat for breakfast. I finally found a little cafe that was open and after the daily struggle to order food off a menu I don’t understand from a man that doesn’t understand me, I started walking the streets of Granada Spain. Walking the streets of Granada, SpainI had no destination in mind just to wander until it was too hot to wander anymore. I headed what I figured to be north and planned to get lost. Its weird that when you plan to get lost you never do but when your trying to get somewhere specific the opposite occurs and you inevitability find yourself misplaced. Granada is a University city at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and has a population of around 250,000. Supposedly 100,000 of those are students, you can tell this by the ridiculous amount of pubs, bars, clubs, and cafes on every street.. and I mean every street! As I walked around the town began to come alive. The steel shutters coving every door and window began to open up, fruit and veggie markets began to pop up all over the place and more and more people started to emerge. There is a mix of old and new in this city, I anticipate this for most of Europe. We are sheltered from this back home as Canada is only a fraction of age of Spain and rest of Europe for that matter.Granada, SpainGranada, SpainI found myself walking down narrow roads with old buildings, from time to time I would notice a church or home that has to be centuries old just blending in quietly and unassumingly with its newer built neighbours around it. I can assume this was the original part of the city. I’m not usually one to care about buildings and architecture (when I was in India a couple years ago I skipped the Taj Mahal), but now that I’m getting a bit older I notice myself appreciating these buildings for the history the represent. This city has a ton of history, and is surrounded by natural beauty and wonders that unfortunately with only one day here I wont get to explore. Perhaps I will return one day to properly explore.Granada, SpainOne thing I’v noticed about Spain and particularly in Granada is the amount of Graffiti everywhere. Its on every bus, wall, steel shutter, building, sign, garbage bin, you name it and its been tagged. I personally like it and think its add colour and personality to the streets.Its all in Spanish so I can assume there are words and phrases that may deemed inappropriate but who gives shit, right? This lax attitude towards it makes me wonder why where I am from it is so frowned upon? Do we really have such uneventful lives that we must worry about such harmless things and a picture someone has painted on a wall? That amount of tax money that goes into covering it up just so the artists have a fresh canvas to re paint on must be ridiculous. That money I’m sure could serve a greater purpose. I saw on the news a while back that in Ottawa store owners were now getting fined if they had graffiti on their outside walls. How do they have any control over this and why are they punished? The obvious answer is an easy excuse to generate more taxes and in a sense forcibly steal from the citizens. Ill leave it at that before this turns into a 2000 word rant, but think about it!Granada, SpainOk, back to Granada. I aimed to walk uphill because of the fact that I wanted to get a good shot of the city from above, and also I have learned by now that it gets very hot very fast, and downhill home would be an easier bet. I wandered through narrow alleys and up cobblestone steps. About an hour in I was at the peak of my climb. I sat to rest a while and just take in what was around me. Granada, SpainThat lasted about five minutes before the ADHD kicked in and I was bored and back on the move. I made my way slowly downhill back to the hotel to have a little work out on the bowflex they have here and shawarma lunch. Im now just chilling out in the a/c in my room and in a couple hours meeting up with some friends of a new friend for a little more sight seeing, dinner, and drinks. This town has a good vibe to it and im excited to see what the nightlife has in store! Tomorrow I am off in the afternoon with a ride share to Valencia for the weekend. Should be a good few days.