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I set up Finding The Freedom after I had already been travelling for some time. My goal was to make a resourceful travel website that followed me around the world and helped inspire others to do the same.

What I have created is the most inspirational travel site on the web today. I help inspire tens of thousands visitors to this site every month to Find The Freedom in their own lives by visiting the destinations I have been.


Inspirational Articles


Check out 3 of my most inspirational articles;


How to live on a beautiful beach for only $500 a month

My thoughts on returning to a paradise after 3 years away

Some thoughts after a grueling hike in Greece to a monastery high on top of a mountain


This simplest way to look at navigate Finding The Freedom is to think of it as a site with 2 main areas. First would be the countries I have visited and stories I have told about them, and the next would be the categories I have set up to help guide you in the right direction.


Countries Visited


If you are interested in researching or hearing my stories from any given country then have a look a below as I list some of my most popular posts from a few select countries;


India – Driving a motorcycle in India at night was the most terrifying experience of my life 

Nepal – How I almost died on the bus from Kathmandu to the start point of a trek to Mount Everest

Iraq – Handing out toys to children in a refugee camp who were displaced by ISIS

Albania – Renting a Jeep and cruising around unexplored rural Albania 

Canada – Dealing with the reverse culture shock after coming home from 8 months overseas


There are many more countries visited, just have a look at the drop down menu above called Countries.


Finding The Freedom Categories


This site is also set up by categories. Similar to the countries above I have chosen a few of the most popular categories then listed the most popular post with in them;


Adventure/Extreme Sports – Almost getting kidnapped in Nepal while trekking

Off the Beaten Track – 7 Reasons why you MUST travel to Iraq

Motorsports – Impulse buying a motorcycle in India 

Travel Tips – How to lose 25 pounds in 2 months while travelling

Videos – Monkeying around in Ubud, Bali


For the full Categories list have a look at the menu and then select what you are interested in.


How to get the Most out of Finding The Freedom


This site is packed with great information and is set up for easy navigation. What I suggest to everyone is to sign up to receive the latest posts to your email.

I will soon start to speak not only about the amazing places I visit but also about what it takes to be a digital nomad like myself and how to make money while travelling.



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