Castaras Spain is a very tiny village in the mountains of southern Spain. After a hard day of farm work at Caseria Del Mercado on Saturday we headed out with high expectations on a 3km walk ready to see what the town of Castaras Spain had in store! Needless to say it was everything we could have hoped for. Pub Crawl in Castaras Spain

From the farm to the village of Castaras Spain

My friends and fellow woofers from the last few days set out that morning with the destination of Castaras Spain. We all had Sunday off work, a nice break from learning about tomatoes, so we figured what the heck let’s head out for a few drinks in the closet town! The closest town being Castaras Spain. A thirty minute walk winding up, down, and around hills of almond trees, cactus, dirt and rocks. We had walked about ten minutes in the hot afternoon sun when we saw a car approaching, we made a split second decision to stick out our thumbs in hopes of a quick ride to Castaras Spain. We were in luck and the gent stopped for us. Luckily one of our crew spoke perfect spanish and hopped in the front seat and let the driver know our destination of Castaras Spain. It turns out the driver was from the same Swiss village as my friend in the front seat, very random and goes to show just how small this world really is. Upon arrival Castaras Spain was a ghost town. Every door and window were shut tight with steel shutters. The streets were barren and we wandered around through the white washed walls and had the village to ourselves. After about 3 minutes we had seen enough and it was time to hit the pub and get the party started! Pub Crawl in Castaras Spain

A quick stop at the pub in Castaras Spain

We entered the first pub of Castaras Spain and our translator ordered beers right away. The pub was a single small empty room with a television in the corner playing a spanish action movie. A foosball table with a concave that gave the field more of the shape of a half-pipe sat in the opposite corner. The beers were 1.50 Euro and came with a tapas each. This isn’t like tapas at home where you must pay $10+ for a plate of small food, feeling hungry and ripped off after. These are free with every beer and each one is a delicious little surprise. We had thin sliced Jamon (a cured ham this region is famous for), fried eggs on bread, sausage, fried pork, fresh chips and a few more that after several beers I forgot to keep taking pictures of.

Tapas in Castaras Spain Tapas in Castaras SpainJamon Tapas in Castaras Spain

As the evening comes on in Castaras Spain

We chatted outside the pub in Castaras Spain about various places we had been and wanted to go. The two lovely women I was with had a drink each while I had several. Up until now we had seen three other men walking around. It was around 7:30pm when the town bells started ringing and we could all feel the energy in the air. We knew that Castaras Spain was about to kick off! A few moderately dressed older women with their husbands all wearing the same khaki pants and tucked in button up shirts started to appear. They stood around talking and looking at us. At this point and we decided to hit the next pub. The next pub was much like the first. We ordered beers inside and drank them on red plastic chairs on the side of the street waiting for our tapas. By now it was closer to 8:30pm and we were the only ones enjoying beer in Castaras Spain. This is judging from the eight other people who appeared to live there. With all this craziness going on and darkness approaching we figured we better head off into the sunset and began the walk home.

Castaras Spain

Time to say goodbye to Castaras Spain

On the way out of Castaras Spain we took our time climbing pomegranate trees and shaking down their fresh fruit, as well as picking dozens of black berries from the vines that covered the old stone walls exiting the town. We knew it was 3km uphill the whole way back from Castaras Spain, but were certain a ride would come along in no time. After such an easy hitch hike there I had full confidence that we would be picked up right away for a smooth and quick trip home. We walked about twenty minutes out of Castaras Spain and stopped for a break. We sat there as dusk came in laughing away as by now we were all feeling pretty good and very pleasant in the mountains, must have been the lack of oxygen.. After about six cars passed we started to realize that maybe it wasn’t going to be so easy to get a ride home and began the hike. We took about two hours to complete what should have been done in less than thirty minutes. We chatted and laughed and told drunken stories the whole way back and time flew by. We all felt great about it and since it was the last night of the acro training we were ready to see what kinda party was in store for us upon our return. Castaras Spain

Back at the farm after a great evening in Castaras Spain

When we walked into the compound and it was hippie night in full force. Hand drums beaten while the hippies chanted and sang songs. I decided it was better I make a dash for the safety of my room, I had also come to the realization that I was actually exhausted from the walk and decided to have a quick little lay down. After a while I heard a lapse in the drums and decided to emerge from hiding to see if there was anything going on. Unfortunately all the wine had been drunken, but the night was not over yet. I sat with a couple of friends talking when all of a sudden the drum was back on with a guitar in tune. One of the american acro students jumped up and began “twerking”. There was an older English gent working the drums, out of nowhere he busted out the sickest freestyle I have ever heard. It lasted a good while and was just amazing. I was pleasantly surprised at the vulgarity and hilariousness of it and couldn’t stop laughing. After the twerking came to an end so did the party and the night. The trip to Castaras Spain was everything I had hoped for and the twerking was just the icing on the cake the night needed. Castaras SpainCastaras SpainCastaras SpainCastaras SpainCastaras SpainCastaras Spain