When I scrambled off the crowded ferry onto the Princess Island Istanbul I took a minute to take in my surroundings and decide what to do with myself as of course I had done no research and went strictly off a recommendation. I watched where most of the tourists from the boat were heading and made an educated decision to go the opposite way. My decision paid off with what I would later stumble upon.Princess Island Istanbul The day started off with the hour or so ferry ride from the mainland to Princess Island Istanbul (actually there are 4 islands by the name Princess Island Istanbul but for our purposes today I will be referring to what I feel is the best – Princess Island Istanbul number 2). I hadn’t checked the ferry schedule to the Princess Island Istanbul number 2 and just turned up at the port at my own leisure. When I arrived there was a mad rush going on as people were piling on to the large crowded boat. I had to buy a token to get through the gates and went to the closest token giving machine, I paid 4 Lira in exchange for my ferry coin to the Princess Island Istanbul. When I tried to insert it into the coin slot of the gate to grant my entry, the gate refused to accept it. The scene around me was of a frantic nature. It seemed everyone wanted on this boat, as did I. There was a couple of men working the gate and trying to control the pushing of the locals and tourists that wanted through. I got his attention and said my coin would not work.. he spoke next to no english but understood my problem and said, what I gathered from his basic words and exaggerated gestures that I had the wrong coin and I needed a new one from another machine. This was not good because I would surely miss the boat at this point if I had to mess around with buying new coins. I pretended to be extremely confused and in a great rush and handed him back the one I had in hand already. He looked at it again, looked back at me, and with a sigh let me trough the side gate and onto the boat. I figure he just didn’t want to deal me, but hey, I got on and the boat left almost instantly on my way to the Princess Island Istanbul.

Princess Island Istanbul Leaving the city I was awestruck at how massive Istanbul actually is. I had been in the city less then 12 hours and had done little more then a walk for food the night before followed by briefly getting lost on the way back to my room. When I asked on local on Princess Island Istanbul she said that city holds 17 million people. This is nearly half the population of Canada, and when you view it from a ferry in the middle of the Sea of Marmara you can really appreciate what 17 million people really looks like. The boat ride itself was quite pleasant, I’m not usually a fan of ferries and have had a couple of rough rides. This one how ever was smooth as could be and even had some in boat entertainment. This man came in the large room were I was sat and put on a Broadway worthy performance of his amazing one of a kind vegetable peeler. He was loud and animated, he captured the attention of the entire room, as well as my heart and I am regretting not getting my camera out for a video. The show went on for most of the ride to Princess Island Istanbul and although he sold none at the end, he can be proud of himself and I officially award him an A for effort, and that right there, is priceless.Princess Island Istanbul When I arrived and made my escape from the crowded little quaint tourist port village I embarked out about a 30 minute walk around the coast. Princess Island Istanbul is really gorgeous and the further I walked inland the more I appreciated it. I was hungry by this point and stopped at a local place for some food. The appeared to be setting up for some kind of wedding but were happy to serve me. I basically just made a motion of putting food to my mouth and left the rest to them. The brought me some delicious little meet patties, fries with mayonnaise, and tea. Over all it was quite good and I sat there for quite a while chatting to a friend that had accompanied me on the journey to the Princess Island Istanbul.

Princess Island Istanbul Princess Island Istanbul After lunch I started to head back the way I came along the coast, when I say a little pathway leading towards to water and in search of a beach on Princess Island Istanbul I decided to follow it. This is where I discovered a little hidden paradise. There were tents scattered along the hill side and beach of this secret spot. It was mostly locals and they seemed to look at me strangely at first as if wondering who I was and what I was doing in their little oasis on Princess Island Istanbul. I quitely wandered through their makeshift homes and down to the beach. I took some time to absorb my surroundings and was quite happy with how I felt and what I saw.Princess Island Istanbul After some time I decided to make the bold move of approaching these turkish hippies to see what I could find out about there society here. I found a group who some spoke english. They were just there for the night to visit their friend, the one who I dubbed the man on the couch. He sat silently and half baked the entire time just looking. He was the main occupant of this particular camp site and had been there for months.

Princess Island Istanbul He had a giant bag of tobacco and didn’t seem to have or need much else. He was smiling though, I think this man has definably found the freedom he was searching for. I chatted for a while before heading back to the ferry to catch a lift from Princess Island Istanbul back to the mainland. I contemplated buying a tent in town and joining their little group, but thought that it would get boring quickly when the reality sent in that I had no one to talk to because of my lack of the Turkish language. So I said F that, it was better to find my adventures somewhere else. I am now still in Istanbul and it is just a lazy sunday. I really love this city and where I am staying. So much so that I have requested some additional nights to sort out where I will journey to next.Princess Island Istanbul DSC01766Princess Island Istanbul

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