Today let’s talk about some places to visit near Bangalore.

These recommendations are coming from a traveller who is in Bangalore for the purpose of travel, not a writer from a major site whose purpose is to crank out lists and has actually never even been to Bangalore. I am not selling anything here and all recommendations are just to help you out!

All that is listed here are my opinions of what is best.

I have been in Bangalore for over a month now and feel as though I could stay forever.

I am comfortable where I live here and am in no hurry to leave. That being said, I am actually leaving for Goa tomorrow on an overnight bus for India Bike Week. I am sad to go but excited to get back to Goa and onwards to new adventures.

This isn’t like one of my usual posts. If you are reading this it is probably because you are looking for some great day trips from Bangalore. I love this city so much I wrote this as a guide to show others what’s actually available around here.

This post is divided into 5 sections, each with subsections of recommendations.

  1. Hill Stations near Bangalore
  2. Places to Visit near Bangalore on a one day trip
  3. Places to Visit in Bangalore City
  4. Waterfalls near Bangalore
  5. Trekking near Bangalore

Now let’s have a look at some of the best places to visit near Bangalore.

Hill Stations near Bangalore

Bangalore is right in the center of a number of Hill Stations.

The highways are great and if you can beat the traffic out of the city by leaving early enough, most are not too far away.

The Hill Stations are some of the more popular tourist places around Bangalore and it is no secret why they are first up on the list of places to visit near Bangalore.

Yercaud Hill Station

Places to Visit near Bangalore

Yercaud Hill Station is about a half days drive from Bangalore. I did this trip on my Royal Enfield motorcycle a couple of weeks back and had a fantastic ride.

The drive itself was the best part for me and is highly recommended on a motorcycle. The weather was quite cold when I visited, but if you were to go in the summer there are lakes, waterfalls, trekking, and so much more going on there.

Have a look at my ride to Yercaud Hill Station on my Motorcycle.

Coorg Hill Station

Places to Visit near Bangalore

Coorg is located about 250km from Bangalore. It is claimed to be the “best hill station in Karnataka” and from what I hear that title is well deserved.

Coorg is packed full of lush green hills with crazy views and more waterfalls then we will list!

If you are thinking about a trip to Coorg from Bangalore, budget at least a couple of nights. The drive itself will be a full day at least, and you will want a minimum of 2 days to explore.

A friend of mine, Rachel from Hippie in Heals, recently visited Coorg and wrote a FANTASTIC article about it. Check out the time she spent touring Coorg and visiting the falls.

Wayanad Hill Station

Places to Visit near Bangalore

Wayanad is in a similar direction as Coorg but you head south into Kerala instead of north through Karnataka. You are looking at a 270km drive from Bangalore.

This is a quieter spot, and doesn’t get the amount of tourists that other Hill Stations near Bangalore do.

The attractions are much the same but it’s far more rural and secluded, a perfect place to visit near Bangalore if you want to escape the crowds.

Places to Visit near Bangalore for a one day trip

The biggest hurdle of a one-day trip from Bangalore is the traffic. You must leave early or you will waste half the day sitting in the car.

There are countless one day trips to take from Bangalore, but for our purposes let’s look at what I consider the best.


Mysore street food

Mysore is a 2 to 3 hour drive from Bangalore, depending on traffic. This can easily be done in one day if you leave early.

I spent some time in Mysore and had a blast. You can totally get in and out in a day, and see a good amount. You could stay longer as well and see even more, but for our purpose here let’s call it a day trip.

Have a look at some ways to get off the beaten track in Mysore.

Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp

This fishing camp is about 100km from Bangalore and sits on the river Cauveri. The name suggests the obvious: that it is a fantastic fishing spot.

Besides fishing, there are jungle treks, bird watching, and a wide assortment of animals including crocodiles, leopard, elephants, wild boars, spotted dears, and giant squirrels, just to name a few.

Places to Visit in Bangalore City

Bangalore it’s self is a vibrant and interesting city. I find it much different then the rest of India; this can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

I have been here awhile and these were my personal favourite places to visit in Bangalore. I really am going to miss this city.

MG Road

This is the tourist hotspot of the city. Although you wouldn’t find me there on a regular basis, it’s definitely something you must check out.

Like any market road, they sell the usual wares of India. This could include fake Ray-Bans, random Indian clothing, all sorts of knock off electronics and watches, shoes, and a million other things.

MG Road is busy and crazy and a must see for anyone visiting Bangalore.

Cubbon Park

Places to Visit near Bangalore

If you are looking for some greenery in an otherwise concrete jungle of buildings and cars, then Cubbon Park is a great refuge.

I spent the afternoon wandering around here before saying goodbye to my friends and only touched a small part of the park.

There are bamboo forests, statues, flower gardens, and real green grass to sit on. What more could you ask for in a city of 10 million people.


Places to Visit near Bangalore

Oh Koramangla, where do I begin?

You have been my home for the last few weeks and I will miss you. I have been staying in an airbnb palace and don’t want to leave.

This is a typical Indian downtown neighborhood. There are fantastic coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and NO TOURISTS.

When in an auto-rickshaw they always put on the meter, there is no hassle on the streets, everyone is quiet and going about their business. I suggest giving some of the bigger tourist places to visit in Bangalore a miss and spending an afternoon here instead.

Waterfalls near Bangalore

Who doesn’t love waterfalls? India is full of them and there is no shortage of waterfalls near Bangalore.

If you are looking for places to visit near Bangalore, waterfalls need to be on your list. I didn’t see any personally but my local friends here put together this is of the best ones.

I won’t go into great detail here as the pictures speak for themselves.

Chunchi Falls

Places to Visit near Bangalore

Chunchi Falls is only 90km from Bangalore and an easy day trip.

Getting there takes some mild trekking but is well worth the effort from what I have been told.

Jog Falls

Places to Visit near Bangalore

Jog Falls are insane. It is the second highest falls in India, and just look at that picture. It says it all. I need to get there right away!

Dudhsagar Falls

This set of falls isn’t one of the closet places to visit near Bangalore. In fact it may take more than a day to drive as it’s on the border of Karnataka and Goa.

If you are planning a trip from Bangalore to Goa then this is a perfect stop over.

Check out how to live on the beach in Goa for $500 a month!

Trekking near Bangalore

Trekking near Bangalore seems to be all about the night. The 2 treks that were recommended to me both revolve around watching the sun come up.

Our places to visit near Bangalore list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning these treks.

My friends here have tried to convince me to go on multiple occasions, but I have this fear of being awake when the sun comes up so I keep turning it down. You can decide how you feel about it!

Nandi Hills

Places to Visit near Bangalore

Nandi Hills is all about the sunrise. This is a popular spot with the locals who drive up at about 4am (usually after a late night out) to watch the sun come up over the hills.

It’s about an hour and a half drive from the city center and if you are going to watch the sun come up you won’t have to fight the never-ending traffic. This is by far one of the best places to visit near Bangalore.

Skandagiri Hill

This is an overnight trek, and not for the faint of heart like myself. I love a good trek but not when it interferes with a good nights sleep.

That said, this comes highly recommended to me by a friend here and he tried to convince me to do it. To his dismay, it never worked.

Skandagiri Hill is about 70km from Bangalore. You need to reach here before midnight, trek for 3 hours, then watch the sunrise before trekking back down. How does that sound to you?

Places to Visit near Bangalore Summary

So there we have it, the best places to visit near Bangalore. In my opinion of course.

One thing I didn’t mention is the idea of just chilling out here. Hit up some café’s and watch the world go by. Grab a gourmet meal for a fraction of what you would pay at home. Don’t rush it here, or you will miss the city’s vibe and that may be the best part.

Most travellers give Bangalore a miss and I don’t see why. There are so many places to visit near Bangalore and using it as a base is a great idea!

Have you been to Bangalore, what would you suggest?


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