So here it is my, first blog post. Never did I think I would be writing a blog. That facts are that I am not the best at computers, I am horrible at grammar and spelling, and I have never been one for showing off in the public eye. I am writing this from the departures area of the Montreal airport. People are coming and going all around me as I sit with my headphones on day dreaming about what is to come. While I sit here with my laptop a top my lap, I decided to set up a blog. I think it will take a few weeks to get this site up and running smoothly and pretty looking.

This will be a way to share my adventures, and hopefully entertain people as they sit bored at work and dream of far away places. If I could inspire just one other person to give up the rat race and head out into the world in search of freedom that will be quite an accomplishment in my eyes. I have long been a fan of travel blogs and there are a couple that I found very inspirational for me to start taking extended backpacking trips years ago.

I have sold and stored everything I own. I have said goodbye to those I care about with no immediate plans of ever returning to Ottawa where I am from. I have a fresh ten year passport and think to myself about being on the road for the next ten years. I am about to embark on a journey that could only be described as one of epic proportions.

My trip started this morning when I took the greyhound bus from Ottawa to Montreal. From here I have a six hour wait in the airport then a seven hour flight to Malaga, Spain. Upon arrival in Malaga, I am to take a three hour bus ride to Orgiva (a town I have never heard of) and wait for someone to pick me up. I have been invited by a friend to come spend some time on an organic farm. I have no idea what kind of work I will be doing, where I will be sleeping, who I am supposed to meet at the Orgiva bus station, or even if there will be internet access to continue this blog! I absolutely thrive on uncertainty and in my mind, theres no other way to travel.

If anyone is interested in following me on my journey keep an eye out for new posts. Eventually I hope to have a facebook page, a news feed, and all the other social media tools that keep everyone in the loop! For now I still have two and a half hours to kill and I will spend it messing around with the settings of the blog and waiting to get this adventure started!



4 Responses

  1. Rob

    Nice work and the start is a cool time; it’s like you’re the top of an uncharted mountain and can pick whatever line you want ride down.

    Buenos Suertes.

    • Alex

      Thanks man! I took a lot of inspiration from your site. Hopefully can catch up with you here in Spain!