There is nothing more frightening and disturbing then an unknown liquid falling on your head while walking down a narrow street. This lovely little surprise happened while I was on a solo walking tour of Old Town Valencia. I have been spending all my time here in Valencia just hanging out with new friends and just enjoying life, as I plan to head to Barcelona tomorrow I decided to get out and see what Old Town Valencia had to offer, I’m glad I did!Old Town Valencia I headed out nice and early as I do in order to beat the inevitable heat. Were not hitting into the 40’s as in Granada but pretty damn close. Valencia is a city of close to one million people and sits on the Mediterranean coast. It is about 4 hours south of Barcelona and 3 hours east of Madrid. As with most of Spain I have seen so far it is completely deserted before noon. This is in my opinion the best time to get out before the crowds of big camera tourists begin their day of travel through the life of a lens. The city its self really comes alive after dark and stays going all night.. I wonder why no one is up before noon? I left my hotel and headed straight for Old Town Valencia, as I expected it held the Spanish charm and old world architecture I have come to appreciate. I held a map in hand I was given by the front desk of my hotel upon arrival. He has circled the “must see” spots of the city and with no other information to go on that was the original plan. I made my way to the what I believed to be the main square in Old Town Valencia and not to my surprise I was greeted by hoards of other tourists walking around with the same maps with the same circled sights. Of course this is exactly what I try to avoid while traveling and darted off down the nearest alley to escape the crowds see what I could see.Old Town ValenciaOld Town ValenciaOld Town ValenciaAfter I was one or two streets away from the main drag I once again had Old Town Valencia to myself. I wandered around the narrow streets looking at the buildings and street art and wondered what it was like to wander these streets hundreds of years ago. Let me just say that I am becoming more and more of a fan of the street art that is everywhere in Spain. These are some seriously talented people and I have a lot of respect for their work. I could take pictures all day and dedicate a whole post to it.. (maybe I will!) but for our purposes today we will stick to the subject of Old Town Valencia. I cruised around for a good hour trying to remain away from the ever growing hoards of confused tourists and their maps. After some time I eventually came to an old castle of sorts and noticed a sign saying free admission. I am of course against paying to enter a building but seeing how this was free it was just up my alley! Literally just up the alley I was walking down. Old Town ValenciaOld Town ValenciaIt had a winding staircase leading up and of course my love of a birds eye view had me climbing and sweating my way up the circular stairs. I am certainly sweating out a lot of bad habits here! At the top I took a break to have a look at the city from all sides and after taking it all in it was time to head back for some food and a shower. Luckily today was mostly overcast and was a nice break from the sun. I had thought of going to the beach as I have yet to even dip a toe into the Mediterranean Sea, but from what I hear the water is dirty and unswimable. Couple that with the lack of sun and I didn’t really see the point and decided Old Town Valencia it was! It was definitely the right choice. I am now getting ready to head out to see some friends on the other side of town then back to room to pack for Barcelona tomorrow! Old Town ValenciaOld Town Valencia


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