Im writing this from my rented apartment in Paris a few blocks away from the Eiffel tower. While I sat here I am thinking back on the transpirings of a night out in the Paris Red Light District. Iv been in this studio apartment for the last few days and have otherwise just been playing tourist, something I normally wouldn’t do.

When I was in Iraq I put together a little list of unusual things to do. The opposite of my time here!

The weather has been perfect and reminds me of fall at home. Every day hits around twenty five degrees and sunny.

The leaves are turning colours and are falling to the ground. The smell of autumn is in the air and its quite refreshing.

The cost of the Paris Red Light District

I have been living like a king here and way over spending. The costs in this city are insane and last night was no exception. Although completely worth it as last night I was fortunate enough to take in a performance at La Nouvelle Eve.

This is a quite fantastic experience and highly suggest and recommend the Paris Red Light District at night to anyone that visits this city. The cost of the show was quite expensive and came in around $150 per person with Champaign. Paris Red Light District

The night started off in the early evening with a metro ride into the Paris Red Light District. When I exited the subway it was quite obvious where I was.

Walking past sex shops in the Paris Red Light District

The streets of the Paris Red Light District were literally lined with red lights. Every second store was a sex shop. The rest were what I think to be strip clubs with a few bars and restaurants thrown into the mix.


The cost of food in the Paris Red light District

I was quite hungry and needed some food as a base for an evening of fun and drinks, so began my daily struggle to find a non ridiculously over priced restaurant. After checking four or five places I came to the realization that no matter what part of the city you are in, you are going to spend money and lots of it.

While I was living in Berlin the cost was way less and the grunginess close to the same.

A simple burger, small pizza, pasta dish, ect is going to cost the equivalent of about $20. This is on the low end and has to be searched and sought out.

I finally settled on a place called the Buffalo Grill right in the heart of the Paris Red Light District.

This was a Parisian take on an american restaurant chain and reminded me of something you would see in a plaza at home. Nothing compared to Iraqi Street Food I experienced during my stay in Iraq

It could go by any name but would basically be the same garbage as the one next to it. But sometimes when your one the road little things like a shitty bacon cheeseburger in an even shittier cheesier environment remind you of home and are comforting.

We sat there surrounded by tacky decorations while Brad Paisley played on the speakers. I was greeted with the usual French hospitality when I had sat in a booth but was asked to move to a smaller table because “the booth is for four person”.

I looked around the completely empty restaurant confused by the request as no one was going to need the table but knew it was useless to argue with the french who completely lack customer service skills of any kind and reluctantly moved to my smaller table.Paris Red Light District

After a surprisingly decent burger and fries it was off to the show.

Nouvelle Eve vs Moulin Rouge

I walked down the narrow streets of the Paris Red Light District and arrived at the entrance to the building. I went inside and was sat on a large velvet sofa by a strange man in an even stranger room.

I could see through the crack in the door that something was happening inside but couldn’t quite make out what was going on.

I sat and waited about ten minutes before being let into the showroom. I didn’t know what to expect going into this and definitely did not expect the small intimate room that seemed to seat less then 100 people and very close to the stage.

What to choose

This is a much smaller set up the the Moulin Rouge and from what I hear a much better show. If you are deciding between the Nouvelle Eve and the Moulin Rouge I would go with the former.

I had pre ordered a bottle of champagne for the event at an inflated price of course. After a couple glasses the show began.

It was filled with topless dancers doing a number of different acts, some crazy juggling, acrobats, and many other strange things that are hard to put into words and just have to be seen to understand.

Making new friends at the show

At the table to my right was a group of Australian guys who were on one of the party bus tours that blast through Europe for a couple weeks hitting all the major cities and had found themselves at this particular show in the Paris Red Light District at night.

I would never find myself on one of these party busses (at least not at this age) but those that do seem to enjoy it.

In fact, about half the audience were from said tours and after the show they invited to another local establishment in the Paris Red Light District at night where we stayed until the early hours of the morning before returning home and sleeping late into the next day (the Australian men did not come home with me for the record).

I am so thankful to be in the comfort of this private apartment and the more I travel in my 30’s the more hostels seem to make less sense to me. I always go with Airbnb, if you click that link and make an account we will both receive $25! Win-win.

Im becoming a grumpy old man it seems with no time for these partying kids YOLOing around the world. All in all a fanatic night and a highlight of this short jaunt in gay ole Paris. DSC01739

Meeting family in paris

My main reason for coming to Paris was to meet my step sister who I have never met. She is here during a year in university and because I was in the area I decided to stop in and see her.

She was along for most of the evening in the Paris Red Light District but like a responsible and sensible human she left after the show and didn’t take place in what happens in the Paris Red Light District at night and in the early hours of a Thursday morning.

I would later take a trip to visit my other step sister in Florence, where I wondered why there was so many Americans.

This is my last day in my lovely little apartment and I am going to spend it relaxing and saving my energy, for tomorrow I have a one way flight to Istanbul.

P.S I am getting fantastic at handstands and think it will be my new go to move and various landmarks around the globe.

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Paris red light district

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  1. Laura

    Paris is expensive but at the same time you can eat really well for ten euros or less :).. Anyway, cool post!

    • Alex

      Hi Laura, Next time I go I will have to ask you were all the best stops are! Thanks for reading