Manchester is the United Kingdom’s second-largest city, yet it’s one of the newer cities around, with its origins in the Industrial Revolution. This doesn’t meant that Manchester lacks history, and there are a variety of historical buildings and museums that will make any history buff drool for days. From the Museum of Science and Industry, to the National Football Museum, to the John Rylands Library, you’ll never run out of history to learn about and explore while in Manchester. Here is our pick of history hubs you shouldn’t miss within the city.

Museum of Science and Industry

For those who want to know more about the growth of the local industry, a stop by the Museum of Science and Industry is a must. There are quite a few exhibitions which are related to aviation and transportation, including an RAF Avro Shackleton, a Supermarine Spitfire, an electric locomotive called the British Rail Class 77, and many more. A rather large collection of still-functioning hot air engines, diesel engines, pumps, and generators can be explored as well.

The Museum of Science and Industry is centrally located in the city. The area around the museum is a good place to start your search for a good hotel in Manchester.

National Football Museum

The self-proclaimed world’s biggest and best football museum is the perfect place to take any sports lover, as you’ll be able to see artifacts dating back to the beginnings of organized soccer. You’ll even be able to see the first rule book, which dates back to 1863, and a shirt from the first international match between Scotland and England. Younger travelers will appreciate the Learning and Education Zone which has interactive exhibits for all to experience. No matter what age you are, sports lovers will cherish their time at the National Football Museum.

John Rylands Library

What better place to explore history than a library which holds accounts of history from throughout the ages. Opened in 1900, this late Victorian building is a beautiful example of turn-of-the-century architecture, a gold mine to explore for any architecture lovers. The building itself holds the largest special collections department in the country. Here, you’ll be able to see medieval manuscripts, examples of early European prints, and an extensive collection of personal papers and letter from notable figures of England’s past.

Also housed in the library are a variety of samples of art and literature. Pieces performed during Manchester’s International Festival can be traced back to articles held in John Rylands Library.

People’s History Museum

Contemporary history lovers will appreciate a stop at the People’s History Museum. This museum has preserved the history of democracy in the country and tells about the last 200 years of locals’ lives. There is a large collection of printed materials and physical objects available for perusal which cover popular radicalism, the women’s suffrage movement, dockers, football, and more. With the thousands of artifacts, including a plethora of photographs, you could spend days here and not see all the museum has to offer. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.