Cars, trucks, farm equipment, cows, monkeys, pigs, people, and anything else you can imagine.

I rode my Royal Enfield motorcycle on the highway from Mysore to Bangalore at top speed… almost 100km/h.

That may not sound like much, but on an Indian highway with an old Enfield, it feels like your flying a very unstable rocket ship across planet India.

Obviously it was awesome.

Motorcycle highway Mysore to Bangalore

I have been in Bangalore with my motorcycle parked out in front of my hotel for over a week now. Getting caught up on a number of things, as well as living life to fullest here. I’m basically being a baller in Bangalore.

This post is much overdue, so I will tell the tale of my trip on an India highway between Mysore and Bangalore, and give an update of what is going on in the world of Finding The Freedom.

Leaving Mysore Wanting More

I only spent 3 nights in Mysore, staying with a great dude named Karran. He is involved in the tour company that was hosting me as I passed through on my motorcycle trip through India.

I knew nothing about Mysore when I arrived, but the one day tour I had of the city was incredible. Read about my time getting off the beaten path in Mysore and the secrets we found.

Mysore is easy to drive through. Besides the lack of traffic lights, the roads are fairly mellow by Indian standards.

My goal was to leave at the crack of dawn and make it to Bangalore by noon. I don’t know why I lie to myself about such things. After sleeping in and taking my time, I was on the road by 11am.

Motorcycle highway Mysore to Bangalore

I hit the road, now solo again, with my gps in my ear and GoPro helmet on my head; ready for my first drive down a busy Indian Highway.

Leaving the city was easy and finding the highway was no problem.

I had the urge to see more in Mysore. I tell myself in these situations its best to leave a day early and want more, than a day late wishing you hadn’t stayed so long.

I weaved through the mid-morning city traffic and was soon on the highway on my way to Bangalore.

The Highway from Mysore to Bangalore

The road itself was in great condition.

Motorcycle highway Mysore to Bangalore

Although busy and full of the usual Indian madness, it was a smooth drive. Good pavement, very few potholes, not too many animals, and besides the occasional unmarked speed bump in the middle of a 4-lane highway, it was an all-round good ride.

Of course the crazy highway drivers and random obstructions made for an intense trip.

It was strange riding alone; I had a passenger up until now for most of the trip, as well as a friend on another bike. They were both now gone in their own directions.

I had feelings of both anxiousness and freedom.

It is great to have friends to eat with and joke about the craziness of driving a motorcycle on an Indian highway, but there is something about getting a motorcycle by yourself and heading into the unknown, in a developing country, that excites the soul.

Motorcycle highway Mysore to Bangalore

I stopped halfway at a dhaba, as I do, and had my breakfast and chai. As usual I didn’t know what I was ordering but it came out delicious and was less than $2.

I have been “vlogging” these motorcycle rides and once I have steady internet I expect to blow up YouTube with my adventures, so stay tuned for that.

These little clips I am making mean that while I sit in a dhabba full of locals, I am talking to the small camera on my helmet. Everyone in the place looks at me like I am crazy while I hold my helmet in front of my face and talk to it.

‘Silly white man’, they must think.

After breakfast it was more of the same; driving at a slightly unsafe speed down a highway to Bangalore.

Arrival into Bangalore

I was nervous about this.

My friends in Mysore put a real scare into me about the madness I should expect when I left the highway from Mysore to Bangalore and entered the city itself.

They warned that the traffic would be intense. They laughed when I said I would drive to the airport to pick up a friend, which in fact, I need to leave for in about 30 minutes.

Motorcycle highway Mysore to Bangalore

Truth is, it’s not that bad. Sure it’s busy as all hell, and the same variety of creatures both man and beast are getting in my way constantly. But hey; this is India and the madness is what I love.

I feel as though I have become too reliant on my gps. I’m almost at the point where I may be one of the idiots that drive into a lake because the gps told them too.

The cell service and signal are busy here in the city and the gps lags; it sends me down streets after the real street and that messes things up a bit and creates a lot of confusion, but on the highways it is a life saver.

If you are coming to India and need a sim card hooked up read this

Motorcycle highway Mysore to Bangalore

I ended up driving around Bangalore for about an hour trying to find my hotel.

Being a Baller in Bangalore

Through contacts I have met on this India trip I have some business ideas lined up here. I wont go into detail now, but expect something in the future.

These contacts, that have now become friends, are the likes of fellow business owners, CEO’s, and some of the upper class of Bangalore. We have gone out to best clubs, restaurants, and are just generally being Bangalore ballers. Something you don’t get to experience when you’re living on the beach for $500 a month.

I really do like this city. I have got on the bike and cruised around as much as I can, but the allure of hopping in an auto-rickshaw for just a couple of dollars is all too tempting, and usually wins.

For now, the bike is parked. But, I can feel it calling me. I will be back on the road very soon.

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