I’m writing this from a wooden table in the backyard of an Airbnb Villa in Lagos, Portugal. It is incredibly hot back here and the small, but clear pool next to me is looking very inviting, so this will be kept short.

It has been some time since I posted on FtF. The last blog I wrote was when I bought a one way ticket to Nicaragua about 6 weeks ago. I still have to write about my time I spent on Little Corn Island, which will happen eventually.

I have been in sort of blogging slump and have not felt like writing. I need this though, this little post will break that slump and I promise that the posts will start pouring out once again as this trip continues.

Arrival into Lagos

I arrived in Lagos a few days ago on a family vacation with my mom, sister, step-sister, and her boyfriend. I flew in on a red-eye fight with American Airlines, who I will not be using again if I can help it. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was far from fantastic.

On the flight the woman next to me had a deadly fear of flying, and during every little bump of turbulence she would grab my arm in fright, and clench her teeth as she squeezed my forearm tight. This made it very hard to sleep, I said to myself the hell with it and pulled an all-nighter watching movies and trying not to die of boredom.

I arrived a couple of hours before my mom and sister and hung around the airport waiting. When they finally showed up, we hopped in a shuttle and headed right to the far South of Portugal to the little city of Lagos.

First Impressions of Lagos

We were dropped off at our Airbnb rental and stepped inside to check out our new digs, a well-appointed 2 story, 3 bedroom row house a bit out-of-town.


Lagos Portugal


I hung around for a while, waiting for the rest of our crew to arrive while lazing in the pool and trying not to pass out after being awake for 40+ hours. Finally everyone was here and it was time to walk into town and hit the beach. This would be the theme of our remaining time in Lagos.

Lagos itself is a smallish city with an “Old Town” concentrated in the center, sprawling apartments and townhouses expand from it to the outer edges of the city. The Old Town is made up mostly of 2 story buildings with winding cobblestone streets meandering between them. There are the usual beach town shops, restaurants, and of course bars.


story about


As I walked through the town it reminded me of my first impressions of Southern Spain when I started this blog last August. How everything looks shut, but in fact it’s just the shutters over the windows blocking the intense sun and keeping the heat out.

Nightlife in Lagos

Lagos is a well-known backpacker ghetto of sorts. There are countless hostels, bars, pubs, clubs, and the usual British and Australian’s in the early 20’s working at them and loving life.

On our second night we had a nice little dinner that ran late, until about 11pm. We were right in the heart of the Old Town and just down the street from a couple of the backpacker bars. It would have been a travesty not have had a peek inside. We wandered up and decided to have a drink at Whytes Bar.

This peek inside turned into a rough night tequila shots, beer bongs, and after parties that lasted until the early hours in the morning. Needless to say the next day was a write-off.

This is easily the type of place a young backpacker could find themselves stuck in time while the laid on the beach all day and drank all night. The thought of grabbing a cheap room here for a month and working crossed my mind that night, but that was quickly pushed out the next day as I realized what would realistically end up happening. I am far too old for that.

The Beaches of Lagos

If you come to Lagos you most likely have the beach on your mind. That is because the beaches here are stunning. I have lived on the beach in India, swam in the warm waters of the Caribbean while living on a small island, trekked to black sand beaches in Turkey, and let me tell you, these are by far some of the most impressive I have seen.

So far every day has involved a trip to the beach, and for good reason. Pictures are worth a thousand words; have a look at a few below to see what I mean.

Praia da Marinha

Praia do Camilo

Praia da Marinha

Visiting the Edge of the Earth

Last night was the highlight of this trip so far. We rented a car and decided to drive to “the edge of the earth”, also known as the most Southwestern point in continental Europe.

Farol do Cabo de São Vicente

This place was insane. Not because of the wild cliffs, or because of the sunset we failed to see as it was cloudy. Not because of where we were, and how people thousands of years ago gazed off thinking that if they sailed out they would fall off.

It was the wind. The wind was the most intense I have ever been in. As I walked to the edge of the cliffs I was actually fearful I would be blown off. I am not a small man by any means, and it was blowing me over.

I posted a video on the FtF Facebook page that shows just how intense the wind actually was! Check it out and like the page of you haven’t already for crying out loud!

We could only stay a few minutes as the wind was almost painful. When I got back in the car I had this intense pounding in my head and ears, just like after skydiving. It was awesome.

Last Day in Lagos

Today is my last day here. We drove to another beach, of course, in the early afternoon, and we will go out for a last dinner later. The pattern repeats itself. Tomorrow morning we will drive our rental car to Lisbon where we have another Airbnb waiting.

I really love Lagos but can only take this small beach-side town for so long. I am looking forward to getting to city and seeing a different side of Portugal. I have been stuck as of late, so I feel the need to move and explore. This was what FtF was started for.

Again, I apologize for my laziness of my blogging but I needed a break. I feel refuelled and revived, and am ready to pump out the posts.

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Have you been to Lagos or Lisbon? Anything I shouldn’t miss? Let me know in the comments below!

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