Living in Kreuzberg, Berlin is interesting to say the least. I am only here for one week, but I feel at home. In this short time I have really grown to like Kreuzberg. It’s almost December, it’s pretty grey and cold, and I must walk around with a thin winter coat I bought from a man in Albania. But, that doesn’t seem to distract from the atmosphere that this place brings.

Being “very Berlin”

I am writing this from a room in a shared flat I have rented for 7 days. After travelling through 5 countries in 5 days it’s a much-needed break. The room is massive with bare white walls and a bare white ceiling. The white walls are at least 12 feet in height, and the room almost a perfect square. There is a single paper globe lamp that hangs from the ceiling, dead centre. It’s institutional, yet motivational. Very Berlin.

The contents of the room consist of a mattress on the floor in one corner and a home-made plywood desk that I am currently sitting at as I type this to you in the opposite corner. The Internet cuts in and out, as does the heating. There is graffiti on the walls of the stairs leading to this 5th floor apartment. No elevator. But I love it. Living in Kreuzberg seems to mean interesting accommodation options.

Living in Kreuzberg with local eccentrics

As I walk around the streets, I see many local eccentrics; young and old. They fascinate me. The Berlin hipsters are out in full force and they all strive to be different. In a sense, this makes them all the same. Being different is normal.

Food is plentiful, delicious, and reasonably priced for Western Europe. There are delectable dishes from all over the world. On any given block you can find food from five countries for fewer than five euros a plate. The Turkish kabobs I had here are better than the ones I had in Turkey. Wrap you head around that one. I will not go hungry while living in Kreuzberg.

Beer is drank openly in public, at all hours of the day. There is a vibe to this area that has me hooked. If you walked through here, thoughts of sketchiness or seediness may spring into your mind. And truth be told, those thoughts are valid. Graffiti covers the walls on all buildings. Some of it is a simple tag by a local hoodlum, but most are pieces of street art that are beyond impressive. This is just part of a great mix of influence that makes this place of such interest to myself.

Will I learn anything else about Berlin while I’m here?

Berlin is a massive city with enormous amounts of history to uncover, and yet I don’t seem to stray from Kreuzberg. I like this area, and here I will stay. There’s no need to venture far. It’s too cold outside anyway.

My friend who I came to visit seems to like this area as well, she has good taste. I could see myself back here; perhaps in nicer weather. Rent is reasonable and, supposedly in the summer Kreuzberg, and the rest of Berlin for that matter, really comes alive. This I may have to see.

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    • Alex

      Thanks Adam, with out even going to the other parts I think it’s may favourite part too haha. I will be back in the summer for sure but well I’m here let me know if you want to grab a beer!