I awoke early this morning in my treehouse to the sound of birds and the smell of fresh air. There was a ray of light shining through my open window signaling that morning had come. My window was not left open by accident, nor was it left open on purpose. My window is not a window you think of when you think of a window. My window is an open space in the wall with no option to close. I cannot close myself off to the world outside, nor do I want to. My inside environment is
that of the outside. I am not shut to world, circulating artificial air. Cooling my home while I heat the home of those that live outdoors. Those that live outdoors may not think, speak, or walk as I do. They may not have the ability to control what is happening to their space or even the capacity to understand or recognize it. Why should it matter if the globe is warmed as long as you are cooled, for you need not suffer? I lay there and thought of these thoughts and absorbed my surroundings for a while. I was in no hurry to move. I was neither hot nor cold. I was content.
Saban Tree houses Saban Tree houses My treehouse is as basic as basic gets and although it is lovely there is no need to linger for long. I was hungry and knew a delicious breakfast was waiting at the end of the trail, just the motivation I needed to leave this little piece of bliss and venture to the world outside. I eventually made my exit from my treehouse and down the dirt path to my outdoor living room. I weaved through the other cabins and treehouses towards the promise of fresh fruit and omelets. On my walk down my dirt path to my outdoor living room I pass fruit bearing trees. The pomegranates are just about ripe and I’m sure they will be served soon. I walk past the out door sinks and showers where the water comes from the ground and is heated by the sun. I walk past the vegetable gardens where the food I eat is grown and picked daily. Included in the ridiculously low price of the treehouse is breakfast and dinner. The meals are fantastic and fresh and are mainly of fresh vegetables and fish. The whole environment here is both wonderfully and sickeningly healthy.

Saban Tree houses

Life here is about nature and the outdoors. We eat as a community and not in front of a television (or as my granny used to call it, the “idiot box” haha). Our living room has hammocks and cushioned raised platforms under awnings. There is enough space not to feel crowded but not enough to be separated; it’s a perfect balance. People relax and face each other with no distractions besides this laptop I type on and the phones in their hands. This however is now part of the age we live and being virtually connected to everyone and everything at all times is part of it. It can be fought against, tolerated, or embraced. Pick what is easiest for you and you will be happiest. There are silences but never awkward, it’s just a pause in time as we all simultaneously appreciate what is around us. Conversations here are of life and travel and getting to know one another, not the same “how was work today” that is asked often and the answer never cared about. We know how work was today, it was the same as it was yesterday and the same as it will be tomorrow. Days may be the same here but in a wonderful way, and we know that and need not ask. There are more interesting and important matters to discuss.

Saban Tree houses After breakfast and when I was finished learning about the people I am sharing this place with the sun was shining and it was time for a walk to the beach. I left the treehouses and headed down the road of dirt, you need to pay for this beach, this I am no fan of as I feel a beach should be free, as should all nature. This cost is justified by the fact you walk through a historical site of ancient ruins, so I suppose it is worth it the keep these from being lost with the advancement of our modern world. I walked down the road of dirt as the mid day sun was shining on my back and warming me comfortably. I walked through an old civilization and imagined what when on here in the past, how people lived, and if they dreamed of living in a tree house and swimming in the sea.

Saban Tree houses The beach is of pebbles not of sand. It stretched for miles and is bordered to the rear but limestones cliffs with remnants of ancient castles. There are hundreds of people, and in busy season I would assume thousands. That is ok though as it beautiful nonetheless with space for all. I lay in the sun absorbing its warmth. I swam in sea and back to the sun and repeat. Much cannot match the freedom that is felt as you float with no purpose in the sea, and the complete feeling of relaxation that follows is inevitable. All my cares floated away with me and I felt as though I had found a small piece of freedom. I soaked for some time then suddenly wanted to get back to share it. I thought about writing this article and what I would say. How could I possibly describe this place in words, or even pictures, as they can only portray a fraction of emotion that one feels in such a place? I left the beach after many hours and am now sat in my outdoor living room as a write down my thoughts and try to paint a written picture. Tonight will be the same as last, and that is a good thing. Tomorrow will be the same as today, and thats even better.  Saban Tree houses Saban Tree houses Saban Tree houses Saban Tree houses

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