Have you been thinking about building a dream home on a small Caribbean island? Well guess what?! I just happen to have an extra piece of land for sale on Little Corn Island, just off the coast of Nicaragua.


Land for Sale on Little Corn Island

The North beach on Little Corn Island


Instead of just listing this land for sale on Little Corn Island with any old real-estate broker, who doesn’t care, or know much about this island, I thought it would be better to write a post about it.

This way I can tell you everything you need to know about buying land on Little Corn Island, and how the real-estate market on Little Corn works. The good news is, I have done most of the work for you.

First I will cut to the chase; I will tell you about the land, the price, and the process of buying property for sale on Little Corn Island.

Then, I will tell you about why I am selling this building lot, as well as some information about why Little Corn Island is so special.


What you Need to Know About my Property for Sale on Little Corn Island


This land for sale on Little Corn Island sits on the South side of the hill, you see the boats coming in and out, the entire village, and both the East and West coasts.

Everyone who has ever seen my land, has said I am lucky because I have the best view on Little Corn Island.

I have a 250 degree panoramic view for sale. You coul watch the sun rise and set from the same spot every day. You can even see Big Corn Island.

This is truly a once in a lifetime piece of real-estate on Little Corn Island.


 Land for Sale on Little Corn Island

Not the easiest to see, but about half of the panoramic view from the property


Everything is now put in place; the fence is up, and the land has been cleaned and cleared.

The front half is cleaned, and the back half has mature fruit bearing mango trees. Little Corn has 13 types of mango trees, and five of these species are on this property for sale.


The Cost of Land for Sale on Little Corn Island


I came to Little Corn Island in 2015 on a whim and a one way ticket. I was the first one to buy a plot of land on the South side of the hill; the most sought after location.

The South side is now sold out, but since I was first on scene, I was of course able to score the best piece of this little paradise. The real-estate market on Little Corn is Hot!


How much does land cost on Little Corn Island?


All of the land for sale on Little Corn Island will be priced by the acre. Real-estate on Little Corn is disappearing fast.

An acre is a huge piece of property, and unless you have a ton of money, or dream of owning a large farm, then you don’t need that much.

Land for sale on Little Corn Island can start around $120,000 an acre for a basic ocean view, or up to 300,000 or $400,000 for a beach front property.

Some math;

1 Acre = 4046.86 Meters Square

1/4 Acre = 1011.714 Meters Square

1 Acre = 43560 Feet Square

1/4 Acre = 10890 Feet Square

We are talking a BIG piece of land for sale here, far larger then an average size lot in any city.


Land for Sale on Little Corn Island

White sand beach on Little Corn Island, all less then 10 minute walk from the land for sale


As I said though, an acre is huge, I own a quarter of an acre and this is big enough to divide into two pieces, and still build a good size house with an epic view on each piece.


How much does MY property for sale on Little Corn Island cost?


I bought a quarter acre. I only wanted an eighth, but a quarter was the minimum at the time.

This is why I am now selling half of my land on Little Corn.

I am asking $24,500 for an eighth of an acre, if you are interested in a full quarter acre that may be possible, which buys you a million dollar view.


Land for Sale on Little Corn island

Actual view from my land for sale on Little Corn Island from standing hight. Imagine from a large deck on the front!


If you are interested in the whole piece (a quarter acre), contact me and we can perhaps work something out for the entire quarter acre of land for sale on Little Corn Island.

You could then divide them in 2 pieces yourself, or perhaps build 2 houses and rent one as an income property!

The best part about buying this piece of property on Little Corn? You get to be my neighbor!


Why this is a great investment


The cost of building is cheap here on Little Corn in comparison to North America and Europe.

A decent size single story house would cost around $30,000, including labour and materials.

You could even spend $100,000+ on a massive mansion, and have it worth half a million in a couple years. The sky is the limit here.

There are a couple of houses for sale on Little Corn Island now, and they are both asking close to $300,000.

You could have a really nice house up in a couple months, and no matter how much you invest into it, expect it will be worth 3 times that amount the minute you finish.


Why I am selling my land on Little Corn


I am a travel blogger. Obviously, since you are reading this on my travel blog.

I came here in 2015, bought this land, opened a hostel in a separate location, and prepared to build my house.

The thing is, I over bought. I have too much land, so I would like to sell half, or maybe all to the right buyer!

I am overly busy keeping this blog running, operating my other online businesses, as well as keeping the best and busiest hostel on the island running.

I am a traveller at heart and need to keep moving. I want an island home eventually, but not now. Someone else can luck out and get this prime piece of land.

All this leads to having land for sale on Little Corn Island!


Why buy from me?


As a Canadian business owner on the island you know I have roots here.

I been all over the world, from Backpacking in Iraq, to living on the beach in India.

I am not looking to make a quick buck and take off, I will always return to my business here.

I can help you through the whole process of buying land in Nicaragua, and would like to make it as easy as possible.

We can work together to make this all super simple.


The process of buying land for sale on Little Corn Island


The main thing you need to know is that all the leg work has been done for you.

Buying this land on Little Corn took me 6 months to complete the sale. Everything moves super slow here, and a major land divide and purchase is of course no exception.

The good news is, I have already done it all so you don’t have to. I have done the title check back to the first owner. I have had the property measured, severed, and put into my name.

You can just fly over, inspect the property, sign some paperwork, and thats it. You don’t need to spend months here like I did.

I own a hostel here, so it was no problem for me to just hang in there and wait around, but this can disrupt a regular life.

The bank transfer took 6 weeks alone, we wont need to deal with this, it can be easy as a few PayPal transfers. Or even cash if that is how you roll!


What Now?


If you are SERIOUSLY interested in my land for sale on Little Corn Island, you need to contact me.

Or even better, come find me on Little Corn!

The photos are amazing, but even still, they do not do this place justice.


Land for Sale on Little Corn Island 7

The east side of Little Corn Island


After walking up to the property, stopping, turning around, and looking at the view, everyone is always in silence. The view is that epic.

If you are interested in more info about Little Corn Island you can check out this guide. Although sometimes slightly out of date, it gives some good basic information.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in land for sale on Little Corn, or anyone planning to visit for that matter!

One last time, click here to contact me about land for sale on Little Corn island! Or email info@littlecornislandhostel.com.