Some people might find it crazy that the first time I ventured outside of my home country of the United States, I hopped on a flight to Africa. Typically, young Americans who haven’t seen much of the world first take baby steps when it comes to travelling to foreign countries. They might head south to Mexico, or north to Canada, or even backpack through Europe. But as I picked my first destination, I thought to myself, “What do I want to do most in the world?”… And the answer was an African safari. So the next thing I knew, I was booking a flight to the eastern African country of Tanzania.

I was not disappointed with my choice. Being amongst the most majestic wild animals in the world was the experience of a lifetime. Just imagine driving in a safari truck, minding your own business, and then looking to the left and seeing a pack of lions feasting on their lunch. Ten minutes later, you drive down the road, and out walks a group of ten elephants, young and old, big and small, heading to take their afternoon bath.

The safari was not the only unbelievable part of my trip. Let me just say, when I travel, I go all out, as everyone should. Why not? If you travel all the way across the world, why not take advantage? This being said, I definitely took advantage of my surroundings. After my safari on the mainland, I spent almost two weeks on Zanzibar Island. The color of the water was like nothing I had ever seen before. From sailing to swimming with dolphins to snorkeling, my time on Zanzibar made me fall head over heels in love – with the ocean.

The best part about all this? It opened my eyes to the world around me. Since this unexpected trip to Africa, I have travelled to fifteen other countries, all within two years. I intend to keep this going. Learning from people of another culture is more fulfilling than anything I have ever learned in a classroom.

I have very few regrets or complaints about my travels, but one thing I will say is that communication with the outside world can be tough. Typically, I rely on WIFI to communicate with friends and family.  But depending on where you are in the world, this is not always possible. That’s why I suggest finding an international phone plan, such as the one found at Nobelcom. Coming from someone who has a mother who worries about her whereabouts, signing up for a Phone Card plan with make your travels painless and much more enjoyable!