I am writing this from a chilled out little covered sitting area in the front of my tree house compound after a long but easy day traveling from Istanbul to Olympos. Yes thats right, for the next week or two I will be living in a tree house, eating amazing fresh food, seeing super old ruins, and relaxing at the beach. Today began with a steal of deal on a flight from Istanbul to Olympos. The two basic options you have are bus or flight. If you search around and are somewhat flexible both can achieved for around the same price. I am going to recap my day below with detailed information of how you can easily and cost effectively get to this little piece of backpacker heaven.Istanbul to Olympos

Istanbul to Olympos part 1: Flight or Bus?

This choice will depend on your timing, budget and the season. July and August will be highly economically inflated as this is high season and quite busy. I personally feel that September is the best time to visit Turkey, the weather is fantastic and the prices are half what they were a couple weeks ago!  I was lucky to have a flexible schedule and found a cheap flight from Istanbul to Olympos with Atlasjet, who by the way I highly recommend. The flight was 1 hour in length and cost 82 Lira (~$40), I know, right.. . The bus from Istanbul to Olympos was 14 hours overnight and 85 Lira. Seems like a no brainer to this man and the choice was made! The flight itself will land just outside Antalya, a city about 90 minutes away from Olympos. From here you need 3 short busses to get to the tree houses.

Istanbul to Olympos part 2: From the airport to Antalya

When I touched down at the airport the ground was wet and skies were grey. Not what I wanted to see but rain doesn’t last forever and with in minutes of de-boarding the plane the skies were clear. When I walked out of the airport I had no idea where to go as once again no research was done. I just headed straight out and towards the few large busses that were waiting. I asked the first driver I saw he was a Havas line bus operator and the portly bus man told me he was in fact the right man to get me to Olympos so I paid my 10 Lira and hopped on. This bus will go about 20 minutes into the city and drop you at a random location where another bus will be waiting. The busman will call out “Olympos” and thats the stop!Istanbul to Olympos

Istanbul to Olympos part 3: Bus from Antalya to “the top of the hill”

When I exited the bus there were a couple smaller mini buses waiting. I asked around and got on the one to Olympos. This bus was in pretty shabby condition and I realized that on this journey from Istanbul to Olympos the standards were lowering but the novelty was increasing. If you want to get to a place like this and live in a tree house away from society and the madness that society comes along with then you have to expect to endure slightly less then perfect travel conditions! This ride was about a hour and heads along the coast before veering into the mountains. It’s such a contrast to Istanbul and a welcome change. I arrived at a small restaurant overlooking a huge valley. You are now in the mountains and in rural Turkey. IMPORTANT: this is the last spot for an ATM on the trip from Istanbul to Olympos. The tree houses are another 11km away with nothing around. Get your cash.. although you shouldn’t need much as it is so cheap here!

Istanbul to Olympos part 4: The last bus to paradise

The last leg of the journey from Istanbul to Olympos takes you down a windy hill into the tree houses. There are so many to choose from and I will later publish my recommendations. You tell the driver what tree house you would like and pay your 5 Lira. He will deliver you directly to your tree house after about 20 minutes.

The trip from Istanbul to Olympos is a long but easy one. Anything fantastic in life takes work and this is going to be one of those situations that is totally worth it and is going to pay off. I arrived just in time for a fantastic buffet dinner included in the price of my tree house and now just relaxing, writing and listening to other travellers chat in the background. In the interest of not being anti social I will leave it at this and bid you all a good night!

Have you been to Olympos or know of another way? Feel free to add any info I may have missed!

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    • Alex

      A quick skyscanner search can usually yield fantastic results.. sometimes you must ask yourself how much your time is worth! Thanks for the comment!