Our story today begins in the town of Zakho, Iraq. It had only been a couple of days since my overland journey from Turkey to Iraq and I was settling in nicely. By now I had the chance to sample a little bit of the Iraq Street food, and so far I’m impressed. The portions are large and the price are low.

 The Iraq street food search begins

It was getting close to lunchtime on this particular day, and instead of the usual Iraq street food option of the $1 shawarma, my travel companion and I decided to head out into the city and find something new. The day before we had spent the day with the children of an Iraqi refugee camp and had decided to take this day to ourselves and explore the city.

We were still new to Iraq and not overly confident of our surroundings yet, so we weren’t keen to venture far from our base at the Nobel Hotel. As I would later learn, this was an unnecessary fear as the people of the Kurdish region of Iraq are beyond friendly, and in no way meant us any harm on our search for some new Iraq street food.

travel backpacking Iraq street food

Pouring rain and Iraq street food trucks

As we wondered through the streets of Zakho looking for a new source of Iraq street food to fill our stomachs, it began to pour rain. When it rains in Iraq, it really pours down like crazy, and this was no exception. We were rushing around looking for shelter and sustenance when we saw our saviour; an Iraqi street food truck.

travel backpacking Iraq street food

We approached the Iraqi street food truck and were welcomed with open arms and invited inside; basically the full VIP treatment. We sat inside the food truck while they prepared our kabobs over open coals. We ate a meal of delicious Iraq street food, and at the end, they refused to accept our money. I think while I have been here I have gotten at least one free meal a day. The generosity of the Iraqis is second to none. There were about 4 men that would come in and out of the Iraq street food truck, but one in particular took a liking to us.

travel backpacking Iraq street food

A photo-shoot with a new friend

Let’s take a minute and talk about the man that took a liking to us. Our new friend stood about five feet ten inches tall. He wore white washed blue denim pants with a matching blue denim button down shirt. He had fancy shoes and I could tell he really took pride in appearance. I’m still unsure if he worked at the Iraqi street food truck or if he was just hanging out, killing time, like we were that day. This outfit took serious thought. Oh yes, before I forget, he LOVED photos. He loved taking photos, he loved being in photos with us, and he especially loved to find the perfect spot for a photo shoot and direct exactly where to stand and how to pose.

He took us to see the old bridge, a landmark of Zakho, and showed us where he jumped off; quite the dare devil this one, and I, for one, was impressed. We took photos, then we took some more photos, then we were led to some statues and took more photos. He made sure to help me position myself exactly how I should squat down for maximum photo effect. I really appreciated this as it surely added to the photo’s je ne sais quoi. It was actually hard to pry ourselves away from him. He was very happy to meet us and I shook his hand goodbye. He then gave me a big hug and two, very sensual, kisses on either side of my neck.

For your viewing pleasure I now present a photo shoot with a denim clad Iraqi man

travel backpacking Iraq street food travel backpacking Iraq street food travel backpacking Iraq street food travel backpacking Iraq street food travel backpacking Iraq street food



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      Not sure when I’m going back but it will for sure be announced here first!

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    Kurds are offended if you call them Turks or Iraqis! Cool article though 🙂