Impulsivity is the cause of, and solution to, most of the problems in my life.

Impulsiveness caused me to get in trouble as a child. As a young adult I medicated to help “cope” and control it, that I do not suggest. Impulsiveness is what led me to where I am today, a small island in the Caribbean off the coast of Nicaragua.

I have learned to accept it and embrace it. I roll with it; I listen to it and let it direct my life. My last major impulse buy was a motorcycle in India, one of the best decisions I ever made.

About two weeks ago impulsivity took over once again. I was in my home city of Ottawa, not by choice but because a rental property I had needed tending too. I finished what I needed to do and found myself coasting.

I woke up early, after a late night out. I was feeling a bit fuzzy but I had the urge to move. I started looking at flights, I saw one to Nicaragua for a good price, and booked it right then and there. The flight was in less than 48 hours. That’s impulsivity at it’s best.

Most people would think about, stress about it, think about it some more, and possibly decide not to book. Not this man, I roll with the impulsiveness. I follow it where it leads me.

Now I sit, writing this from the covered porch of a house I have rented for 1 month on Little Corn Island.

Heading Straight to Little Corn Island

I had my destination in mind.

I was heading right to a small island with no roads, no cars, a slow pace of life, and an incredible group of people who call it home.

Little Corn Island

This island is a place where a traveller gets trapped. Maybe because it is such a pain in the ass to get to, that you just can’t be bothered to leave.

More likely it’s the vibe and serenity this island radiates from its earth, this acts like a magnet causing people to stick to it, needing to be ripped away to leave.

It took me nearly 3 days to get here. I left Ottawa at noon, flew to Toronto, flew to Houston, flew to Managua, took a cab to the city, spent the night in a dingy hostel, took a cab back to the airport the next day, flew to Big Corn Island, took a cab to the pier, hopped on a boat to Little Corn Island, then walked to my guest house about 60 hours after I left Ottawa.

Pier on Big Corn Island

I was exhausted, but after such a journey a celebration was in order and that’s just what I did. I met old and new friends and hit the “town”, if you could call it that. It’s more of a strip of restaurants that sell beer along the beach.

The power cuts here at 6am, causing the fan in the room to stop, in turn raising the inside room temperature to well above 30 degrees. Sleeping-in late here isn’t an option, and late nights lead to early, rough mornings.

Settling in on the Island

I have been here for just about 2 weeks now. I started at a budget guesthouse but as of yesterday I moved into a shared house with interesting people from around the globe.

They are all here for different reasons, but we collectively share the same reason for being here, a different kind of life.

There is an Italian/Spanish couple that has just bought land and is building a house out of plastic bottles that they plan on collecting over the next few months. There is a German dude who is becoming a dive master. Then there are 3 other Spanish people who don’t speak English, so in turn I know nothing about them as we don’t really communicate.

The house is big, the couple shares a room, the 4 others share another huge room, and I get my own for a high price tag of $300 a month. Not bad to live in the Caribbean.

house on little corn island

The house, as most on the island, is made of all cement; it is painted green and has a Santa and a happy new years sign on it. It is right on the main path and as I type away here I watch all the interesting island characters pass by.

house on little corn island

Days here go by at a slow pace, but time seems to fly. The Island is walkable and maybe 45 minutes from one end to the other. But those that live here might as well consider the far South or North end the other side of the earth.

My first week I explored every corner but now I am settled in, and the little area I frequent has shrunk. It seems now I just hang out with friends, work online when I can, and occasionally venture to the expensive resort to make use of their lightning fast wifi, where this will be uploaded from.

More to Come…

There is so much more to say about Little Corn, and it will be said but just not today.

It has been a while since I have updated my story, and for that I apologize, I have been busy doing nothing and everything at the same time.

I am learning where to buy groceries, how to cook with the basic ingredients they have available on the island, and how to save money. My goal is keep a budget of less than $600 a month here, then write about how you can do the same. Much like my article about how to live on the beach in India for less than $500 a month.

Keep an eye out on this blog as I plan to update more frequently now that I am settled in. If you are intending on passing by Little Corn Island let me know, I would be happy to show you around.

If your thinking about hitting the road yourself, here are some of the best travel quotes to help motivate you.

What is your favorite Island? Have you been here? Anything you recommend? Let me know in the comments bellow! 

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22 Responses

  1. shayne

    I tried impulse buying round trip tickets to an island before but I didn’t end up using it because we parted ways before we were able to use it. haha. sucks, i know. But next time I impulse buy tickets, I’ll make sure I’ll proceed and be happy. 🙂
    shayne recently posted…Casa Alegria: A Hideaway in TagaytayMy Profile

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Alex,

    I love how you do things. I recall a similar situation with my first trip abroad, to Bali. I did a bit more planning but little worrying or delaying. We booked the flight, and off we went kinda quickly after getting the idea and we never hesitated. As for fave islands, I love Bali and Phuket, but as for chill places, I’d say Koh Lanta in Thailand. Perfect mix of quiet, peace and some Western comforts, and the beaches are among the best I’ve ever seen, and during high season we even had a private beach to ourselves almost every day, on the southern half of the island.

    Thanks Alex!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…25 Tips to Develop Peace in Your Life (Amazon eBook)My Profile

  3. Alba

    This reminds me of the time when I was working as a receptionist in Washington DC (my hometown), applying to random jobs that I happened to come across without really expecting results. Until that day when a woman running an English academy in a village in Spain said “I’ll hire you but you have to be here on Monday.” Monday, as in less than a week away… I bought a plane ticket that afternoon, packed up all my stuff into 2 suitcases and off I went, less than 7 days later! I worked there until the semester ended and I moved on … (to Poland this time). More than three years in, I’m still in Europe (now doing a masters degree in French about tourism…)! Rock on, and enjoy your travels!
    Alba recently posted…Fête des Lumières, Lyon, FranceMy Profile

  4. Ben

    Reminds me of me and my girlfriend when we where hitchhiking the US and got stuck at the Chicago airport one night. On impulse we decided that it would so much more awesome if we booked a flight to Mexico instead of continuing our hitchhiking journey 😀
    Ben recently posted…25 Best Places to Visit in MexicoMy Profile

  5. niv

    Hello Alex,

    I have read this post 2 months ago and came back to read it again. I was wondering are you still there? How do you like it after some time you spent there? Are you bored?

    I have an opportunity to go to Sri Lanka and work there for a year. I have booked the ticket but now I am not sure anymore should I go or not. I should be there at the end of the summer but I am afraid to commit for a one year and stay on a place where I ve never been to. I am afraid i am to idealistic and running away from “reality” is not the best option ever.

    Any thoughts? 🙂 Thanks

    • Alex

      Dont think of it as running away something, but rather running towards something. A year is a long time for me, and because of what I do wouldnt be an option. But I say go for it! If all else fails you can always go home

  6. Dwayne

    Do credit cards work everywhere you go? Do you get your money exchanged at the Airports? What is the best practices on carrying cash, credit, passport. What do you do if you lose your wallet, cash or passport? How should you handle that type of emergency? Do you locate the embassy for every country you visit? Especially traveling alone.

    • Alex

      Hi Dwayne,

      Here are some quick answers to your questions..

      -Yes, most places credit cards will work, although they may charge a fee.
      -Never exchange at airport unless absolutely necessary, they have the worst rates
      -Get a money belt and use common sense, if something or someone feels sketchy thats probably the case
      -I luckily havent lost anything, but with the internet so widely available everywhere this isnt as bad of a problem as it once was, although still a pain in the ass!
      -It would be smart to know where your embassy is, but after years of travel I get lazy with that sort of thing. Like I said, you can google that sort of thing easily.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Audrey

    Hi Alex!
    I really love reading about your adventures and travels. I wish I was that impulsive as you are and do many cool things. Living on the beach in India seems to be great! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Megan N

    Congrats to you! I saw you just got your own property. My husband and I visited LCI back in April of 2014 and looooved it. We joked about buying some land of our own and making a vacation home there because it’s a one of a kind place…. then we heard about how difficult it is to buy land there! Wishing you the best. We’re headed back in February, maybe we’ll see you around!

  9. Megan N

    Congrats to you! I saw that you recently purchased some land of your own! My husband and I visited LCI back in April 2014 and loooooved it. We joked about buying land there of our own because it’s a one of a kind place…. but then we heard about how difficult it actually is to legally acquire land there. Best wishes to you! We’re headed back in February, maybe we’ll see you around!