It’s like the last 6 weeks are a blur, almost like they never really happened.

I’m writing this from a hammock on the porch of my bamboo hut on the beach in Goa, India.

In fact,  the very spot that you see in the picture above is where I sit now. A new friend took that picture for me less than an hour ago. Something about this little collection of beach huts really seems to attract awesome people.

This is also the exact spot I wrote my fist article about returning to paradise here after 3 years away. This time I barely made it 2 months before heading back to my little comfort zone.

Return to Paradise Part 2

Those last 2 months have flown by and I have done some incredible once in a lifetime things, but after being back in my hut for less than 24 hours, the last 2 months feel far in the distance behind me.

I left Bangalore last Friday on my way to India Bike Week, where I had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I’ll be writing an article about that later this week, so keep an eye out.

After a crazy weekend I showed up back here, unannounced, on Sunday afternoon. When I walked up the back way into this compound of shacks and saw the little hand painted sign that reads “Sunset” I just felt good. It’s like walking away from all stress and into a zone made for chilling.

New Faces in old Places

People come and go but time stands still the longer I stay here. I’ve just arrived so I am new in the eyes of those that dwell in these huts at this exact day, even though I have spent months at a time here over the course of my life.

Arambol Beach Shacks - Travel in India

I don’t feel new here though, I feel at home. As at home as I can feel while I’m sleeping in a bamboo thatch hut on a thin mattress.

This is the kind of place where you wind up while travelling and you “get stuck”. This common term among travellers refers to a time when you just end up staying longer then expected and it’s completely unplanned. Usually it will end up causing you to change your entire trip itinerary, which I think is fantastic and true FTF style.

I was very worried before showing up here back in December. I worried that it wouldn’t be the same as the first time I was here in 2011, and it wasn’t. It wasn’t any better or any worse, it was just as awesome. As I said above, this little paradise attracts the best people.

Within a few hours of being here, I have already met some interesting people and feel settled right in. I know I will have a great time here, I do every time. I’m starting to think I will keep coming back here for the rest of life, or at least until this place changes in an unfortunate way, as all great places seem to do these days.

Day 1 of my 3rd time Living in this Beach Hut

So this makes today day 1 of my 3rd time living in a beach hut in Goa for less than $500 a month. That’s right, this place is super cheap. Everyone can appreciate that.

Day 1 here consisted of sleeping until 10am and getting up slowly. After this I walked across the hot sand to the little restaurant where the wi-fi works best. For the next couple of hours I worked from my computer and ate a $1.50 omelette with cheese and toast while watching people walk by on the beach.

Arambol Beach Shacks - Travel in India

As the temperature started to hit nearly 35 degrees my computer got too hot to use, so it was time to go for a swim in the ocean and chill in the shade before being productive and setting up my hammock.

The hammock on my porch looks directly at the sunset on the sea. This is $10 a night and although basic, it’s more then enough. It’s like really comfortable camping.

Working from Paradise

Now I sit here writing on my laptop and thinking about all the things that have happened in the last two months. Four Days ago I was living in an airbnb mansion in Bangalore, now I am in a small slapped together hut in the middle of nowhere.

I stayed in Bangalore for well over a month and time just flew by; chilling and working with some fantastic Indian dudes.

Living a full-out  local lifestyle, a wealthy local’s lifestyle mind you. Had it not been for India bike week I probably would have stayed longer, I was actually quite reluctant to leave. But now I’m glad I am back to where I feel the happiest.

It’s something about the simplicity here that makes me feel at ease. There’s no stress anywhere and no one has anything to worry about. Most of them have to get back to home sooner or later but I’m able to stay; I work from a hammock on the beach, how sick is that?

Most days I don’t really wear a shirt or shoes, just at night if it’s cold, but since it’s now almost March things are heating up here and that means the shirt will remain packed away.

Arambol Beach Shacks - Travel in India

When I was thinking of coming back here for a 3rd time I figured I would be staying 1 week max, but now that I am here I feel like that seems unlikely. I will be here for longer, there’s no other way about it. This place is incredibly hard to leave.

This is India, the Craziest Place on Earth

I’m excited for the possibilities here. I have no idea what they could be at this point but there is always something, some kind of adventure to go on, or just a weird and crazy thing to do. Because this is India, and this is the craziest place on earth.

I will leave this story for now and continue it later as time goes on here and unusual things begin to happen. Right now, t’s time to walk barefoot through the sand to the restaurant where I can sit with no shirt on and grab a bite to eat before it’s back to the hammock to watch the sun go down.

In a couple of days I will be putting up an article out about India Bike Week, it’s a crazy story so its best to subscribe with your email so you don’t miss it!

Where on earth are you the happiest?

12 Responses

  1. Leslie Boyce

    Hi Alex- Walt and I have enjoyed following you. We are going to be in India on a cruise March 30th- April 3rd. Don’t know if you will still be there. Maybe we can get together.

    • Alex

      Hi! Yes I probably will but not sure what part of the country, shoot me an email and we can see about getting together that sounds great!

  2. Ramona

    Heya Alex:)

    It’s time to explore the south of Goa, if you haven’t already. How I miss Goa! Lucky you:)

  3. neale

    Alex any problems with getting your stuff stolen in a place like this?

    Maybe you could scout out a more solid base locally that you could rent, with a motorbike you could easily go a few k up the coast and find a small village. A friend of mine rented a place in India and just paid it yearly that way he had a base. Could also be a lot cheaper.

    Visa’s in India whats the deal? Seems like you are not having to do visa runs or the likes.

    • Alex

      Hi Neale,

      you get a 6 month visa here, I have never dealt with theft but you never know what can happen!

  4. Lyn & Curt

    Hey Alex, when applying for a visa online, it is asking for a reference in India

    Can you help us out, what should we enter

    Thanks Lyn

    • Alex

      Hi Lyn,

      I actually don’t remember that part.. If it were me I would just make it up. Just use your hotel as a reference, I actually made up a hotel as well as I didn’t have anything booked. They don’t look into it

      • Lyn & Curt

        Thanks Alex,

        can you tell me the place you are staying in Goa on the beach, does it have good surf and is it reef breaks or sandy bottom
        Thanks again


  5. Saravana Kumar

    After seeing your photographs, reading your experiences, it is quite natural for the readers to wish to go to Goa 🙂