I am struggling to write this as I try not to let the heat and humidity of Olympos beat me down any further. You see, at some point yesterday or the day before I was poisoned. Could it be the fact the fact I felt guilty about the growing collection of plastic water bottles in my room and my decision to switch to tap water? Perhaps.. Could it be the Calamari I ate from the dodgy looking restaurant with no other customers? Also likely.. Could it just be the fact the I have been drinking copious amounts of red wine late into the night followed by long days in the relentless sun and I have just worn down? Definitely not, I am claiming foul play of the poisonous nature and am sticking to it. This sickness that has fallen upon me is clearly no fault of my own.

I am meant to be on a flight tomorrow to Capadoccia, this will involve 3 busses and 2 flights, basically the reverse of my trip from Istanbul to Olympos, but then add in a 4 hour layover and another flight to the Nevseir, all in all a 14 hour day of what I imagine will be most unpleasant. That said, I have the immune system of a super human and expect a speedy recovery. Capadoccia is meant to absolutely astonishing and no matter what I will have a splendid time. I will leave it at that for now as I need to lie down and rest and recover. Well wishes are course appreciated!

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