I’m writing this in a laid-back lawn chair on the grass beside the pool. It’s a comfortable high twenty something degrees with a warm breeze that comes through and helps take the flies away for a minute. Later on I will have to walk up to “the spot where the Internet works” and stand there while this is posted. While I type away I’m half distracted by a French lady in the hammock across from me chatting about Nepal.


Today is day number one at Caseria Del Mercado. I arrived last night after meeting my host Jaquime (pronounced Walkeem) at the bus stop in Orgiva. After a twenty-minute ride through the Spanish hills we were at his farm. Ill have a more descriptive write up about the farm another time. When we got in I was given a very quick tour and met my friend who is teaching an acrobatics class here. I sat down and had a vegetarian dinner with her and her students, about 15 total. After a few glasses of very strong homemade organic red wine I passed out early.


The workday here starts at 8am. At 7:30 the other farm hands and I meet and have a bit of breakfast. When 8am hit it was time to start taking potatoes out of the bucket of a tractor and into cardboard boxes. This didn’t last long then it was off the organic veggie patch to weed the garden. Three of us pulled weeds in the sunshine while chatting about anything from what the weather is like back home, to why we do or do not want any children. There was a good break for second breakfast at 10am, this consisted of fresh fruit, fresh baked bread, various cheeses and cured meets. After this it’s back to the garden until 1pm. This is the end of the workday. Not a bad little shift. At around 2:30 we joined Jaquime’s famila along with the other workers and had a HUGE feast. This will be my daily schedule six days a week.

DSC01431There seems to be a very relaxed pace of work here, I attribute that to the fact that it is “free work” and no one is getting paid any actual money. But, at the same time no one is spending any actual money. We are given far more food then we could ever need, and are welcome to the stocked kitchen at any time. There is unlimited homemade organic wine along with other things of the smoking variety. The room I stay in is like a mini shared apartments with kitchen, couch, fridge, ect. With all this do I really need any actual money? I asked myself this and thought about while sitting on the ground pulling weeds this morning. I know many people that live paycheck-to-paycheck, and work a lot longer and a lot harder with a hell of a lot more stress. Maybe “free work” isn’t so bad after all? Friendly people, zero stress, good food, perfect weather every day from what I hear, along with the bonus of the fact that it would be impossible not to get extremely healthy and detoxified. I think I would be insane not to take advantage of this for a while!


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