I’m writing to you from the Directbus Barcelona to Andorra. Thats right this bus has WIFI, probably the best WIFI since I’v been in Spain in fact! I left Barcelona this morning and am now weaving my way north-west to the tiny country of Andorra. On the radio gangsters paradise by Coolio is playing. A fine choice if you ask me. This bus is basically empty and I am one of only 3 people enjoying this ride and this wonderful musical soundtrack. The sky’s are grey as we are making our way high into the Pyrenees Mountains. The point of this mission is to check out a small little heard of country I know basically nothing about as well as buy a new Iphone.

See, Andorra is a tax haven and prices are much comparable to North America and thats going to be a welcome change from the high cost of Europe. I learned of these low prices and the Directbus Barcelona to Andorra from a friend in Valencia and after hearing of the easy journey to this little country I decided what the heck lets check it out! The fact is besides the name of the hotel I booked I know nothing else about Andorra, I like it this way as everything will be a surprise and surprises are the spice of life are they not? My last few days in Barcelona have been fantastic for the most part. I didn’t do much besides hang out with friends at Parc de la Ciutadella. I want to do a full recap of what goes on there as it is basically a playground for adults.

I was staying directly in front of the Sagrada Famillia but never made it inside,  another day I made the trip to Parc Guell but there was a 2 hour wait to enter so I forget that! Barcelona like the rest of Spain comes alive at night. You see young children playing in the streets until midnight, no going home when the street lights go on for them. This afternoon is dedicated to tourists taking pictures of old buildings and following their guide books. Unfortunately I took almost no pictures to share, but thats ok because travel is about putting away the camera and experiencing a place, not living your life through a lens. The sun had now come out as we are making our way higher and higher into the mountains. When I look out the windows I see century only farm houses with occasional castle thrown in for good measure. As this was supposed to only be a quick update I will leave it for now and do a report on my impression of Andorra upon arrival. I will for now just sit back and enjoy the Directbus Barcelona to Andorra.