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  1. Mikey

    I read your article about buying a Royal Enfield in India, which I always wanted to do. Good stuff.

    I got one question for you though: Can you actually go riding throughout India without an international motorbike driving license AND without having a lot of trouble with the police?

    I live in Asia and have been riding here all the time…without proper license that is…but you are to some extent a target for the police as a foreigner.

    Going back to Europe just to get an international license would be a major pain in the ass…

    • Alex

      Honestly it’s probably irresponsible to suggest you do so, although I did with out issue. If you are stopped I am sure a bribe would take care of everything but you really never know. If your able to get the permit then great! If not, I wouldnt worry about it, I didnt meet a single person who had one

      • Mikey

        Thanks mate.

        What if you want to cross from India into Nepal, do they check at the border that you got a proper international driving license?

      • Alex

        I have never tried this myself, but form what I hear there isnt much they check. Go for it, and if they turn you back try again the next day!

    • James

      Hello Mikey. I have been riding a Royal Enfield in india for 2 years, been stopped only once by police and paid 200 rupees fine for not have any papers…..(I have a licence and insurance but left them at home) I would not worry…….

  2. Josh & Liz Wilson

    We enjoy following your travel blog & all of your adventures in 2015! We are currently putting together a post for our readers that highlights some of favorite blogs that we follow, and we would love to include you and introduce you to our readers.

    If you are interested, we would like for you to share a couple sentences about what you are planning for 2016 or what you are looking forward to most in the upcoming year. Please include a link to your favorite post you did in 2015. Also, if you would provide us with a photo (or give us permission to use one from your blog), that would be great. We plan to link to your blog as well.

    Here are some of the blogs to follow for 2014 & 2015



    We hope to hear from you by December 13th. If we do not hear from you then we will move forward with other candidates.

    This post will go out the week of January 4th.

    Thank you so much and happy travels!

    Josh & Liz – Peanuts or Pretzels Travel Blog


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