I woke up early with itchy feet this morning and decided it was time to vamanos. My destination in mind was Granada, Spain. I found myself becoming too comfortable and falling into a routine and this is exactly what I am trying to avoid. I called this site findingthefreedom not findingthefarmwork for a reason! Don’t get me wrong, the farm is amazing in so many ways (I intend to do a full review of it at a later date), and the plan as of now is to take a couple weeks vacay then return until I head somewhere tropical. When travelling long term its nice to get stuck and comfortable somewhere to recharge but my trip just started and I’m now feeling overcharged and ready go!

After letting the owner know I was leaving today I quickly began to round up my belongings and get my bag packed. The plan was to hitchhike to Orgiva then either catch a bus from Orgiva to Granada or continue to hitchhike. I was then informed there was a ride available with the owner at 11am and he had room for me, that sounded much ether so naturally I decided to chill for a bit and wait it out. I said goodbye to everyone and we headed off. We made a few stops and detours at odd towns and some sort of gravel pit or quarry. Finally made it to Orgiva, a town of around 6000 people at around noon in the relentless mid day sun and heat. I hopped out and realized I had no idea about the bus times, numbers, ect so I started to wander around looking for a place that could possibly answer a few questions and stumbled upon the local grow shop.

grow shop in Orgiva

Since I had just come from a farm I figured what better place then a store dedicated to growing things! The little spanish dude behind the counter was very friendly, one can guess why, and we had a chat in broken english for a while and I asked when the next bus from Orgiva to Granada was coming. I was told to head to the store up at the corner near the bus stop and the bus schedule would be posted there on a huge sign. I walked up the hill to the top of the street and there it was, check out the online version here. The next bus wasn’t to come until 2:45pm. Its about forty degrees in the sun so I needed a place to chill out. I headed into the nearest little bar seek refuge from the heat and found a/c and to my surprise wi/fi!


The bar tender has one of the most powerful moustaches I have ever seen. Under the moustache he has a big smile and a friendly domineer, its a shame I cant understand a damn thing he says. Iv been trying to sneak a picture but he moves around too fast to get a clear shot. Im sitting in the pub now writing this with two empty beers and two empty plates that were once filled with a delicious lamb stew of sorts and the second with calamari. When I had gone to the counter to order my second beer he began to ask questions in spanish, and after a brief exchange and me smiling and nodding like I knew what the hell he was taking about I cleverly decided he was asking where I was from. I told him Canada and he repeated it back loud and proud like he understood but it sounded very different, I just smiled and said ci senor. He then produced my beer and ran off into the kitchen to prepare my next tapas. When he arrived at the table he repeated his weird way of saying Canada and handed me a plate of calamari. Turns out he was asking what kind of tapas I wanted and by saying I was from Canada had inadvertently ordered calamari. Oh well, I love calamari and the three rings he gave me were delightful! I’m going to say this a thousand times before I leave Spain but the fact you get free food with beer is the best thing ever. For a man like myself who may enjoy six or seven at a time its basically a free lunch by the time you have left! Not speaking spanish is really annoying here and I wish I pre learned even a bit. I highly suggest learning a little bit of basic spanish before coming to Spain it will make your life a lot easier! plan to kill time by having a few mores beers and tapas over the next hour and a half and roll into Granada and see what the town has in store for me!

Oh yes and this will be the first instalment of a sweet dude alert. More on that later enjoy the sweet dude for now