When my alarm went off at 5am I wanted to call the whole thing off and stay in my little aribnb in Albania. It was dark and cold. The last thing I wanted to do was walk 30 minutes down the dark streets of Tirana to catch a bus from Albania to Kosovo. Five am, in my opinion, is the cut off time for weirdos to disappear and the early risers to come out. Had it been 4am I may have been a bit more worried but clearly I made it safely and now sit in Pristina, Kosovo to tell the tale of the taking the bus from Albania to Kosovo.

Trying to find out where to buy the ticket for the bus from Albania to Kosovo

This sounds like a simple task, and in most places it would be. In Tirana nothing seems comes easy, or online for that matter. Finding out where to buy the ticket for the bus from Tirana to Pristina, the capital of Kosovo involves hitting the streets and trial and error. Rob and I wandered around a couple of days before while I went in and out of various travel offices asking the same phrase as I poked my head through the door “bus from Albania to Kosovo?”. Most said no. Eventually I found one that sold the tickets, it was also right where the bus actually came to pick me up. Perfect.

Where to buy a ticket for the bus from Albania to Kosovo

After wandering around and popping into about 10 different agencies I finally found what I was looking for. If facing the Tirana International Hotel walk straight ahead on the left side of it. The next block is where the ticket office is and where the bus from Albania to Kosovo will be waiting for you. When I asked the same question I had been asking to every other shop I was greeted with a smile and a “heck yes we do!”. Well maybe not in those exact words but my guardian angel sitting behind the desk of this hole-in -the wall agency was more than happy to sell me my much-needed ticked for the bus from Albania to Kosovo. I paid 1400 Lek (10 Euro) and secured my ticket for my departure at 6am. The journey would be about 4 hours.

Saying goodbye to a great country

I will miss Albania. Albania was good to me. I intend to write a piece about why I loved Albania so much in the future but, for now, just take my word on it. As I walked to the bus station in the dark at 5am, I thought about what had gone on the past 2 weeks there. Entering Albania on the bus from Greece I had no itinerary and no idea what to expect. A lot had happened during my time here, perhaps the highlights being the Tirana Nightlife and the friends we made. Also when Rob and I rented a jeep and drove around the back roads of the south visiting historical sites and just watching the way these lovely people lived their lives. And who could forget getting my teeth cleaned by an Albanian dentist for the first time in many years, a rough but rewarding experience.

A little piece of me was sad as I sat on the bus from Albania to Kosovo, or maybe I was just tired. Who knows. Truth is I fell asleep with in 5 minutes and was only woken up when we reached the border to show my passport. I do know that Albania is one of those places you really need to get under the skin of to appreciate it. It will be missed. I now sit in Kosovo, it’s about 10 degrees and damp out. I am thinking of sunny Tirana. Good thing I bought an old snowboard jacket on a back street for 2000 Lek.

My time here in Pristina, Kosovo may be short, or perhaps long? We will see what the day brings and how quick I am to keep moving.

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  1. Tim

    Hey, your adventures are awesome, I really enjoy your blog. However, I’m always left with a big question on my mind. How on earth do you – financially – manage to take such constant journeys and adventures around the world? I would love to be able to do the same at some point in my life.

    • Alex

      Hey thanks for reading! I plan to post about that sonner or later so keep an eye out!

  2. Luciana

    Hey Alex !
    very useful tips for me as i’m planning a trip to Kosovo this year
    I’m a world traveler from Brazil, I also have a travel blog but it’s all in portuguese , my mother tongue .

    cheers !