It was a rainy afternoon with not much going on in this tiny tourist town. Most people blow through Capadoccia in about 3 days, I have now been here close to a week. The main attractions include a super expensive hot air balloon ride at 5am, a little early for this man. Then there’s the color coded tours that takes you to various places in a shuttle bus crammed with other tourists with big cameras, you stop, take your picture, and leave again, this isn’t FTF style either (by the way I know refer to Finding The Freedom as FTF). I say forget the hot air balloon ride, forget the “green tour”, when you are in Capadoccia the best way to explore is renting an ATV and heading out unguided on your own. This is exactly what I did.Capadoccia ATV

It was hard to find someone willing to rent an ATV to me with out an attached guide. I actually had to pay extra for the guide NOT to come. I eventually met a portly man in a red north face fleece jacket that was willing trust me, these guys have serious trust issues and with hundreds of thousands of tourists pouring through Capadoccia each year I can understand why. The first question is “do you have motorcycle license?” “Of course” I answer, which I actually don’t. “You know area very well?” they ask. “Why yes, I have lot’s of experience here” again this isn’t true but I say experience is in the eye of the beholder. Then a ridiculous quote is given, the usual bartering takes place and we both agree to a price and both feel slightly ripped off, a happy medium.Capadoccia ATVI ended up paying 150 Lira for ATV for the afternoon, this is about $75 and a little steep, but it was totally worth it. The hot air rides around Capadoccia are around $150 for about 25 mins in the air so I feel I did pretty well. I set off in no particular direction. I bundled up, as it was only about 15 degrees out and continually raining. This however turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it kept the dust down and mud is fun! I pushed this little 300cc monster to its limits. I felt slightly guilty as I blasted past a quiet tourist on a nice gentle stroll through the valley. The last thing he wants is some asshole on an ATV screaming past him full speed, but the guilt fades fast and life goes on for both of us.CapadocciaCapadocciaCapadoccia itself is quite incredible. This place dates back to the 6th century BC. It’s crazy to crawl through the old houses carved into the mountain and dream to your self about what life was like for the ancient people living there. The geography of Capadoccia is beyond unique. There are valleys full of “fairy chimneys” and the area as a whole is huge. Everywhere you look you see old windows and doors carved into the rock. You can see centuries old paintings and carvings, most of the area is free to explore and you can find the best places when you ditch the conformity of the guided tour and embrace the freedom you get with the ATV. With 25 minutes on the ATV I was completely alone in my surrounding. No other tourists, no guides, no one trying to sell me something no one should ever buy.CapadocciaCapadocciaCappadocia is a playground for the ATV. It’s open trails galore with no limits as to where to go. Every turn you take gets you further away from the crowds and you are able to see things that many of the other people who rock through this place get to see. I covered a lot of ground on that little beast of an ATV and definitely returned it in far worse mechanical condition then when I had taken it, all in all a job well done.CapadocciaCapadoccia has been hitting highs of about 12 degrees the last couple days and the rain is non-stop. It’s times like these you wish to be somewhere comfortable watching a movie on a couch with friends, not sitting in a budget guesthouse room alone and freezing, but I just tell myself tomorrow is another day and next week will bring more excitement and to hold on and wait it out. Yesterday was a day of nothing and today I had to brave the arctic conditions force myself to leave my room in search of food. It actually turned out to have a nice little twist when I stopped to play with a kitten on the side of the road and was invited into a carpet store to meet the other kittens. I spent about an hour with the friendly carpet guy and he told me everything I could ever want to know about his beloved kittens. There was a boy and two girls; the boy was named Charlie and both girls, Angel. Charlie’s Angels. I really loved them and showed me all their tricks. I am planning to just chill out the rest of today as I have an early bus to catch tomorrow. My destination will be told in the next post as I don’t want to hear about it from certain people who asked me not to go in that direction, for know I will just say its east. Look for that update soon!Capadoccia

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  1. Corinne

    Alex, I love, love, love Cap and have been more times than I can count. I think you should go far, far east in Turkey. It’s beautiful and there’s plenty to do and see! Especially go to Lake Van, take the boat ride to Akdamar and visit the Armenian’s awesome! Have fun!
    Corinne recently posted…Head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump…What?!My Profile

    • Alex

      Eastern Turkey is the plan and thanks for the suggestions! Gonna move slow and keep on eye on the political situations going on but that just adds to the excitement for this lad.. thanks for reading!

  2. John

    We’re here now and this looks pretty awesome. We’ve got one day left and haven’t decided our plans yet. May just take your recommendation and try to find the portly man in the North Face jacket. Cheers!
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    • Alex

      If your walking down the street from the open air museum towards “town” you would just walk straight across the intersection and hes basically right there! Red north face fleece jacket haha he has a bunch of ATV outside.. make sure you get the 300cc! have fun guys and let me know if your heading east!