I am staying in the best airbnb in Bangalore, and that’s a fact. I have 3 servants for crying out loud!

It’s strange where life brings you sometimes, when you are on the road. If you had asked me last summer where I would be living during the month of February 2015, I never would have been able to answer “Well my friend, of course I will be living in a mansion in Bangalore with 3 servants”.

This is what a life of travel is all about.

Being friendly and keeping a smile on your face while you travel makes you approachable. Don’t fake it though, travellers can sense that. We are an intuitive bunch.

People will come to you. Fellow travellers will engage with you. Listen to them and trust them, and next thing you know you will be living in the best airbnb in Bangalore, with a host that will become a good friend.

Best Airbnb in Bangalore

Let’s have a look at the story of how all this came together, shall we?

Chance Encounters and Changed Plans

I was sitting in the restaurant at my beach shack in Goa. I had lived there for well over a month just enjoying life, writing, working, and getting things in order for the weeks to come.

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While I was eating my breakfast, an outgoing Indian dude named Ash approached me and struck up a conversation. He would later turn out to be a good friend.

We got chatting, he asked “hey man, do you have any good ideas for an app?” I replied, “As a matter of fact I certainly do!” We will get into the app thing another day, but the idea was planted and the invite to Bangalore was set.

Meeting him then and there was lucky, as later that day I would begin my motorcycle trip through India. The first bit being Goa to Hampi on a Royal Enfield.

I set out on my bike with the plans to make it Bangalore in the coming weeks.

Arrival into Bangalore

I was coming to Bangalore anyway, but I had no idea I would wind up in the best airbnb the city has to offer.

A good friend from back home was travelling to Bangalore, and I was anxious to see her.

The first plan was to just spend a few days here, but Ash had the app idea planted in my head so I decided I would arrive early, with out a plan to leave, and see what happened.

The great thing about long-term travel, and living a life of Internet hustling, is that most of the time you can come and go as you please. You like a spot, you stay longer. You don’t like it, you leave. Simple as that.

Best Airbnb in Bangalore

I am sure you have read what happened between Goa and Bangalore, the awesomeness that is Hampi and how to get off the beaten track.

Or the craziness of driving a motorcycle in India at night, and how I almost died.

After a few weeks of non-stop moving and riding, I was ready for a break and a little comfort. I checked into a hotel and just chilled and caught up on work and sleep for a couple of days.

The issue with a hotel is sometimes they can get a bit lonely. When you live a life on the move, like I do, and stay alone in rooms constantly, they can sometimes become isolating and feel like a trap.

The isolation was beginning to set in; this is when I met Alok, the host of the best airbnb in Bangalore.

Meeting the Host of the Best Airbnb in Bangalore

It was Saturday evening, I had a late night the night before with some friends here and wasn’t feeling the most energetic.

Ash invited me out to dinner and for some drinks. My body was saying hell no, but it beat sitting in the room alone so I decided to meet up, hit the town, and see what happened.

We were sitting on a patio of a Chinese food spot in Koramangala, one of the nicest areas of Bangalore, when a dude named Alok walked by. He was walking 2, big, friendly dogs and Ash asked him to join us on our night out in Bangalore. He said yes, and this is where it all began.

We hit the town and went to some amazing clubs. I’m not usually a big fan of clubs, but these aren’t like clubs you think of back home.They are usually on the roof of a super tall building, have great places for sitting and relaxing, and are a chill environment.

The bars here close early, as in 12:30pm, and when the place shut down we headed back to Alok’s house, aka the best airbnb in Bangalore, aka my new home.

Best Airbnb in Bangalore

A few of us stayed up late having drinks before I returned to my hotel.

During my time there, Alok mentioned that he had his place on airbnb and if I was interested I should go on and book a room. This place is so amazing I had no choice but do to that right away. Now I live in the best airbnb in Bangalore. 

What Life is like when you live in a Mansion in India

So here I am, sitting on the couch in the best airbnb in Bangalore, writing to you from my laptop. I am waiting for my breakfast to be ready. I will then eat, work a bit more, hit the gym, and then hang out with friends.

At this point in time I am living a pretty normal existence, for a white guy in India.

Best Airbnb in Bangalore

When I get out of bed in the morning and make way out of my room, it isn’t long before Veejay, the head servant asks if I would like breakfast. He has prepared it all morning and is usually waiting for me to emerge so I can eat.

There is a staff of 3 here, but he is the main man. He keeps this place in order. He brings me tea, water, and is the most amazing cook.

He does my laundry and even irons it. He makes my bed and cleans my room everyday. He runs a tight ship here and he is a huge asset to the best airbnb in Bangalore. I think this place would fall apart with out him.

Best Airbnb in Bangalore

My host Alok is more of a friend than a host. He’s a great guy and really easy to get along with. I could literally stay here forever. It’s an easy life here in this Bangalore airbnb mansion.

The Randomness of Life on the Road

Life on the road is like a choose your own adventure book. Remember those?

The littlest decisions can impact the rest of the trip with out you even knowing it. If I hadn’t met Ash in Goa, I wouldn’t have met Alok here. I wouldn’t have come back to this house after the bar, and I wouldn’t have moved into the best airbnb in Bangalore.

I wouldn’t have met the man who may develop my app, as well as possibly do an overhaul on the entire Finding The Freedom site.

I could be having a great time somewhere else, or maybe I could have been kidnapped or hit by a train. It’s a good thing I am here, for if not I could be dead. Unlikely but you never know.

When you’re a traveller don’t be shy; approach people, talk to them. Then maybe you too will end up in a mansion in Bangalore being waited on.

Best Airbnb in Bangalore

Staying in a place like this, as opposed to a hotel, or god forbid and hostel, makes you feel like a real person and not a vagabond. It’s nice to sleep in a bedroom and live in a home, even if it’s not my own, it’s beginning to feel like it is.

I will be here for another couple of weeks getting work done and getting ready for an upcoming adventure. I’m about to take off the beaten track travel to the extreme, and get ultra remote.

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7 Responses

  1. Chris Bailey

    Looks a nice place. Our airbnb experiences of the last year have been generally awful. So its nice to see a good one.

    • Alex

      Hi Chris,

      Airbnb is tricky and you really need to know a few key things to look for. I plan to write a guide to airbnb in the near future so keep an eye out!


  2. Mark Hammond

    This is a fabulous story Al, and these are wise words: “Being friendly and keeping a smile on your face while you travel makes you approachable. People will come to you. Fellow travellers will engage with you. Listen to them and trust them, and next thing you know you will be living in the best airbnb in Bangalore, with a host that will become a good friend.”

    Keep living the dream friend! 🙂

  3. Saravana Kumar

    You have written so many beautiful things about your stay in Bangalore. Something good of you. I am from Bangalore, I often come across people who complaint about the pollution, corruption, traffic and high cost of living. I am glad that you had a wonderful time in Bangalore.