Am I boring? Have a become a boring traveller?

I am sitting on a couch in Bangalore, India. Half of that sentence sounds boring, the other half not so much.

Today I went and got extra ram installed on my computer.

After that I went to get business cards made, that took 4 hours and I have to go back tomorrow.

I ask again, am I boring? Is this article going to be boring? I don’t think so. I hope not. You tell me after reading.

A Typical Day in my life in Bangalore

Let’s talk more about today. I woke up at 9:30am, earlier then usual, by the time I showered and ate breakfast it was noon here in Koramangala. During this time I spent 2 hours catching up on emails and work that came in overnight, like every night. Am I boring? So far yes.

I left the house and headed to the busy main road in Bangalore to catch an auto-rickshaw. He spoke no english and I had to direct him to the computer repair place. The ride was kind of cool, so not so boring.

losing weight while travelling

I dealt with the crazy Indian authorized mac repair place and watched as an Indian dude replaced my ram in my macbook, making sure he actually did what he was supposed to, not that I would know anyways. That was at least a bit interesting, but still kind of boring.

After that I walked to the business card place. I was there for 4 hours and walked out with 2 sample stickers and no cards. Typical India disorganization at it’s best. I immediately put the stickers on my laptop.

Am I boring

When I got home it was back to work, and now writing. Writing is fun, so not boring. But I work and write everyday, so has it become boring?

I ask again, am I boring?

This has been my days as of late, I have been in Bangalore for nearly a month now. I have gotten A LOT of work done, my site is being redesigned as you read this, or maybe it has already if you are reading this in the future. This I am happy about, but I left on the journey to Find The Freedom, FTF, not find the most comfortable position to sit on the couch and look at the computer for extended periods of time.

The verdict is still out, lets look at some more scenarios.

Am I Boring to Talk to?

I can think of certain people that are tired of hearing about my blog. It’s all I talk about these days. That and travel of course.

I am able to talk to friends that also do this crazy blogging business for hours about the trials and tribulations or being a travel blogger (sounds like a good title for article right there!). But realistically, no one outside of our weird little circle gives a shit about how many page-views my blog got this month (at an all time high now). I know this, but I tell them anyway.

I love to talk about travel. I love to talk about MY travel. This is why I blog. I love to share it. You are reading this because you like to hear it. A lot of people don’t like it. Don’t care about me wandering around the world, Impulsively buying a motorcycle in India, or living in an Airbnb Mansion.  Sure it sounds cool but let’s be real, they don’t care.

Thank YOU for caring.

My life is all about travel and I love it, but I know nothing of current events these days, the newest movies or TV shows. I don’t have time for that nonsense. Does that make me boring? I don’t think so, do you?

Am I Boring if I don’t Party?

The bars in Bangalore close at 11:30pm. I might go out for a couple of beers with friends, like last Sunday when we didn’t have enough money to pay the bill. But I hardly consider that partying.

Most travellers party often. Like minimum once a week, and that’s on the real conservative side. I used to, but not anymore.

I would rather make money online and not feel terrible the next day. Maybe I am due for some partying now? I am heading back to Goa soon where I live on the beach comfortably for less than $500 a month, maybe I’ll do some partying there. That doesn’t sound boring does it? I feel as though I have to, in order to not be boring.

How to Live on the Beach, Arambol Goa

Maybe I just need to get around that sort of crowd, or maybe I don’t and my body and mind will thank me for it.

Am I Boring, What can I do?

What should I do? I need some advice here.

Should I just stay inside my comfortable little bubble in Bangalore and write about being worried about being boring?

Should I get a move on, get the hell out of here and get back to seeing the world FTF style aka pure YOLO?

I am certainly not rocking the globe and am far from YOLO. What has happened to me? AM I BORING?

I can’t be boring, I just rode a motorcycle through India for the last month. I explored crazy off the beaten track locations in Mysore and had a blast. I jumped off a huge cliff into a dirty lake in Hampi.

Maybe I am just on a break and refuelling my energy and the craziness is about to begin once again.

This could just be an extended travel break, a snap back to reality, I have been going straight for the last 7 months or so non stop. It’s nice to have a bedroom and a roommate, I’m not gonna lie. But this is the life at home I escaped and am somehow falling back in to it, only it’s in India of all places. Back down the rabbit hole to laziness and boredom I go. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

Am I Boring you?

Am I boring you with this little rant?

I sat here today and wanted to write, but I haven’t done something incredibly exciting in days. And the days keep passing as I sit here so this came to mind.

This is the wake up call I need. It is time to move.

When you are a long-term travelling like me it really catches up with you and travel burn out sets in. I am comfortable and not in hurry, I need a kick in the ass to get moving.

After a few more days here I will be well rested and ready to see the world once again.

The only cure I think to being bored is to change something, because something isn’t going to change its self.

By this logic, if I feel that I am boring, then I need to change me. I need to change my attitude and plans. I am working like crazy and I hate work, but like money. A double-edged sword I suppose.

I will change, I will not be boring. I will say this to myself in the mirror every morning. I hate when I share a room with someone who is snoring. If it’s raining it might as well be pouring. Am I boring?

Do you think I am boring? What can I do about it? Did you like my little poem at the end?

Let me know in the comments below!

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23 Responses

  1. Scott

    Lol dude, you aren’t boring.

    Maybe you’re just becoming accustomed to the lifestyle you’re living, which is pretty interesting to most people but starting to be the average for you. It happened to me on my 10 month trip through Latin America. I noticed myself falling into routines and taking my surroundings and the awesomeness of my life situation for granted.

    Then I realized what I was doing, found a way to shake things up, and started focusing on the cool, interesting aspects of what I was doing instead of the boring, tedious stuff.

    Remember, the alternative to what you are doing, in most cases, is living in your hometown, showing up every day to the same job that you probably don’t love.
    Scott recently posted…We’ve Been Featured On The Zero To Travel Podcast!My Profile

    • Alex

      Hey Scott,

      Truer words have never been spoken man! I think the same thing from time to time and give myself a smack in the face to realize what I have going!

      Thanks for the encouragement

    • Alex

      Hi Umang,

      I have mostly just been in and around Koranmangala, my little bubble haha. Need to venture out one of these days to explore!

  2. Davishna

    I was going to suggest a day trip to Mysore but looks like you have that covered as well. Travellers are far from boring…i’d have your life anyway 🙂

  3. James Shannon

    Just part of the process of learning how to run your own show, man. Some days will be like this, but you gotta do what you gotta do. When they all become boring, that’s when something has to change. Adventure isn’t all that it is cracked up to be at all times too: sometimes it’s great, other times it throws you around on a stormy sea for 6 1/2 hours and burns your exposed skin to a crisp (well, as red as lobster, but you get what I’m sayin’). Today, I’m craving the boredom of routine 😛

    Balance in all things, my friend!
    James Shannon recently posted…My First Full Year As A Digital Nomad: 2014 In PicturesMy Profile

    • Alex

      You don’t have to tell me about stormy seas! I’v had my fair share in Thailand I feel your pain

  4. Lyn & Curt

    Hey Alex,

    You have not become boring, travelling the world can be very tiring, we have been travelling for 10 months now and have realised that every 4-5 weeks we must stop and take roots for a week to catch up on the Blog, washing etc and recharge. Stopping in one place may seem mundane but the day trips can be amazing, no where to go and lots to see,smell and do.
    We have come home to Oz at xmas to see the Fam & Friend , but now find ourselves chafing at the bit to get going again, funny how that sets in.
    We leave on the 18th Feb, next weds for Sri Lanka and India, it would be great to catch up and exchange stories.
    Keep up your travel stories and your life choices, as I for one will never find them boring.
    See you on the road
    Lyn & Curt

  5. neale

    Ask any average Joe back in the UK if “doing what you are doing right now” is boring? most would think not.

    Just spending a month working out of an apartment in India is probably perceived as incredibly exciting for most. For those of us that have traveled a little, I hear you! On the other hand, I see you doing just like many others that went before you.

    Start > Travel / Travel after a period we slow down and start to stay longer in one place then quite often we just set up shop in one place.

    Traveling for the sake of traveling gets old enjoy your time in a western style apartment, go walk around where you live find new places to eat. You will probably miss it when you get back to cold showers and all the other niceties of cheapo accommodation.

    I would bet within a year or two you will be airbnbing your way around staying 3 months or more in each place 🙂

    • Alex

      Hey Neale

      I already rock airbnb hard haha thats what this place is! Yea hear ya though solid advice

  6. purna

    Don’t beat yourself up…
    You are probably bored but not boring…
    And if you are bored, stay still…
    Stop putting pressure on yourself too much…

      • Tom

        I think the same as Purna. There’s nothing wrong with being bored. If you are bored stay still… Wait and after short period new directions will be born. Bear the bore and you will find what’s beyond 😉
        And you shouldnt care anyway whether anyone else thinks you’re boring. All kind of growth takes its time

  7. Harry

    lol. Totally feel you , man. People keep asking me, ‘What did you do today?’ ‘What’s your plan today?’ bla bla bla. And I’m just like, ‘Just chillin’ today. Nothing much.’ While I do lots of thing on my laptop, they keep telling me to move my ass and do something. I mean, I am a long-term traveler and just like what you said, I’m comfortable and not in a hurry! I enjoy it doing nothing. I enjoy it being relax. I enjoy a simple afternoon walk in the park. I enjoy it getting lost. I enjoy the unbeaten track. It’s just I have my own pace and I’m definitely not in a hurry. I immerse with my surrounding. But well, apparently not many people get it. And guess what? I (we) don’t care. All that we do is living our life to the fullest. 🙂 thanks for sharing man. This is one cool article! cheers!

  8. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Alex,

    Sounds interesting to me!

    And better than my experience in Bangalore, when I got giardia and lost 20 pounds over the next 2 weeks in Muhamma and Kovalam Beach lol…..Bangalore’s a cool city, plenty happening in the hip part of town and in the other areas where stuff is intriguing, and boy so gritty!

    Keep on inspiring!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…17 Blogging Lessons I Learned on a 22 Hour Flight to BaliMy Profile

    • Alex

      Hi Ryan

      Yea it’s a cool city for sure! Luckily I haven’t been sick in India (yet). Hopefully all is well with you now!

  9. Alexey

    yes , life is boring , just when the river of life flows on the plato it all looks so calm , but at every moment it all can change in a form of waterfall so you will only dream about those bring times )
    Alexey recently posted…Vienna. Austria.My Profile