I have been taking in sights and sounds of Andorra for the last few days and have really gained a sense of what this strange, little known country is all about. I have put together this short list of Why You Should Go To Andorra. If you are looking for nightlife, new friends, a social travel atmosphere, widely spoken english, delicious food, and friendly welcoming locals.. then unfortunately you are in the wrong place. But, that doesn’t mean all is lost, have a look at a these reasons of Why You Should Go To Andorra and I think you will be on the next plane.

Why You Should Go To Andorra : Reason 1

DSC01728 You want to travel back in time. Thats right, time travel is not only possible, but its not optional! When I first arrived at my hotel, and after waiting 20 minutes for the disinterested front desk man to appear, I was given my key and room number. I then made my way to the elevator, aka the time machine, and hesitantly stepped into the wood panelled gold accented lift. A shaky ride up six floors while a broken speaker crackled softly, and I was at my destination. My initial thought was things didn’t look or feel quite right. The colours, the artwork, and the general feel were a little off and  reminded me of a time that had past. I casually thought nothing of it and made my way inside the room. Upon entry I was in shock. When I saw the mustard coloured bed spread and the wonderfully faded picture above the old wooden headboard it finally hit me.. I had travelled back to 1973.  DSC01727


Why You Should Go To Andorra : Reason 2

IMG_1205You really like tobacco. Andorra is a shoppers heaven. It holds some kind of tax exempt status and that is the main draw of the visitors here. I was just wandering around doing a little bit of window shopping myself and happened to stumble upon these giant tubs of tobacco. Sure you could buy a few cartons but that’s not environmentally friendly with all that packaging and I know if I was a smoker that would be my first concern, over say my health. It states that you can roll AT LEAST 1150 cigarettes. Now that seems like a time saver and a bargain if you ask me. Also, and heres the icing on the cake, it comes four free lighters. Thats right.. FOUR! I suppose you will need them to smoke one thousand one hundred and fifty cigarettes. I ask the smokers out there how long would it last you?

Why You Should Go To Andorra : Reason 3

IMG_1203You need new motorcycle apparel. As you walk the streets of Andorra you get a repeat of the same 4 or 5 shops over and over. Electronics, tires, clothing, a crappy restaurant, and motorcycle paraphernalia. They are everywhere and massive. I have counted over 20 huge stores all selling the exact same thing and all with out a single customer inside. But hey, if you need some leather boots or a new helmet, you have an enormous selection at what I can only assume to be very competitive prices.

Why You Should Go To Andorra : Reason 4

IMG_1207 You want to visit Montreal but don’t want to leave Europe. Ever wanted to visit the exciting Canadian city but just could bring yourself to hop over the pond? Well your in luck, you no longer have to. You just have to get yourself to Andorra. This shop is an exact representation of what Montreal is all about. This includes discount running shoes and ski/snowboard equipment. We all know Montreal is famous for the abundance of mountains so the name of this store is well suited. Unfortunately theres no smoked meat or bagels 🙁 Thats ok though, I can get a really nice I Love Andorra key chain there, and thats all I need to remind me of somewhere close to home.

Why You Should Go To Andorra : Reason 5

three-countries-in-one-day-france-andorra-and-spain-from-barcelona-in-barcelona-117828The natural beauty and scenery. From what I can tell this seems to be least important of the list. Out of all the stores I didn’t see one offering any kind of tours or activities. I would have loved to get out into the hills but could not find any useful information about it. Usually in a hotel there would be a number of brochures trying to sell various tours, here there was none. I guess they weren’t invented yet in 1973. Besides, who has time for natural wonders when you are busy shopping for a new shiny coloured skull with sunglasses? IMG_1206

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