Saying that Canadians love their beer is an understatement. Beer is the country’s most popular form of alcohol, and perhaps there’s no place on Earth that reveres craft beer like Canada. Craft beer sales in country have grown to double digits since it was first popularized in 2009, and there seems to be no end in sight for the popularity of beverage. If you’re planning to visit Canada someday, here are three places that you may want to put on your list.

Lion Brewery at the Huether Hotel (59 King St N, Waterloo, Ontario)

Lion Brewery is for people who want to drink in a place that resembles classy English bars from the 70s. It has Ontraio’s oldest beers, it has a dining cave, and a secret passageway leading to the tunnels that were believed to have been used in moving liquor during the United States Prohibition period. If you want to see a little piece of history in Canada, definitely visit this place. The Adlys Ale is the most popular pint here, which is red ale named after the Huether Hotel’s owner.

Dieu du Ciel (29 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montréal)

Dieu du Ciel is one of the most popular stops for beer drinkers in Montreal. This place is always filled with people, with many not being able to get a table at all on Friday nights because of it being so busy. Dieu du Ciel prides itself on its most delicious stouts: the coffee-infused Péché Mortel and amazing Aphrodisiaque. There are also newer offerings such as the Mosaika (Mosaic-hopped pale ale) and Mea Culpa (Indian Cream ale) for those who like hoppers. Dieu du Ciel is not only known in the entire Montreal area but also in the U.S. as its distribution is quickly growing across North America.

Montreal is far from being at the level of Las Vegas when it comes to entertainment but the former does offer similar pleasures as the latter. Apart from having pubs that sell the best craft beer, Montreal is also home to the most popular casino in Canada: the Casino de Montreal. The Bar Poker, the casino’s premier bar lounge, is where patrons enjoy drinking Canada’s local beers while watching and betting on live sports matches. Online gambling is legal in Canada, but its brick-and-mortar casinos remain strong despite the boom of online providers in recent years. In Las Vegas, real casino establishments are having a hard time competing with online providers, which have regularly-updated gaming options and bonus perks when patrons make a deposit. In Canada, however, the people seem to truly love beers, and they probably would rather travel for a few miles knowing that there’s delicious craft beer in the casino than stay at home.

Le Cheval Blanc (809 Ontario Rue E, Montréal)

Le Cheval Blanc is a pub near the University of Quebec and like Lion Brewery, it emits a retro ambiance thanks to its red formica tables and old Chinese lanterns that are hanging on the ceiling. It has a huge variety of craft beer including IPA with Galaxy, Citra, Simcoe, and Calypso hops, as well as a few stouts, ambers, and blondes. It is a popular hangout place for young adults so if you’re looking to socialize with the said demographic, this is a place worth visiting.

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